I’ll shave mine if you shave yours


My friend over at Life in the Boomer Lane (LITBL) is a courageous woman. And incredibly funny.

She had the Cracker Jacks to write a post about pubic hair. Or the disturbing lack thereof.

No, I didn’t say public hair. I said pubic hair. Or the disturbing lack thereof.

This is something that has been troubling AGMA for quite some time, but I was just never sure how to….ah….approach what is sure to be a hairy subject. Or not.

Pun totally intended.

AGMA spent her formative years in the 60’s being strongly influence by the Women’s Liberation movement. I still carry those ideals today.  I’d go out and burn my bras, but gravity has taken it’s toll, so maybe not.

In trying to recall names of the forces in the Women’s Lib back in the day, I went to what I used to think – until today – was the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia. I was shocked at what I read. And what I didn’t read. Mostly, didn’t read.

Here’s how the Wikipedia entry starts:

The women’s liberation movement was a loose agreement of women and feminist thinking that emerged in the United States and other developed countries during the late 1960s and persisted throughout the 1970s.

Huh? Ummm – I know my memory isn’t as great as it used to be, but I remember it as being a little bit more than a loose agreement. And I love the use of the word persisted. Like it was a nasty viral infection that took a decade to shake.

The article goes on for a whopping 765 words, 241 of those words being dedicated to the movement in the UK.

Gloria Steinem, where are you when we need you?

Despite what some completely ill-informed idiot didn’t include in Wikipedia, Women’s Lib was a powerful influence on many, many women who were part of the Pepsi Generation.

And body hair was a pretty public controversial issue back then. Many women wanted the freedom to not shave their legs or armpits, and be accepted by society.

Like men. Unless you’re Michael Phelps, and then you shave everything.

I was never into the hairy legs/pits thing. I guess I was just too willing to let myself be brainwashed by our sexist cultural norms. Plus it felt kinda itchy when it was growing out…

So imagine my surprise when I realized, about ten years ago, AGMA was thrust into the very counter-cultural role of liberal feminist radical. That’s when I found out that the majority of women were now shaving their hoo-has.

Hairless hoo-has are evidently all the rage. Who knew?

I was stunned. What the hell? It’s one thing to take a razor to your legs but an entirely different matter to take a razor where a razor was never meant to go. Unless you’re trying to tame the “overflow” before heading to the beach.

But that’s technically still your leg. I know this; I’m a massage therapist. I know a leg from a hoo-ha.

The realization that women were clearing out their underbrush was mind boggling. What are these women thinking?  I find one suggested possibility quite disturbing.

In her post, LITBL references an article by Mona Chalabi titled The Disturbing Truth About How We Treat Our Pubic Hair. Seriously – that’s the name of the article.

Mona writes, “We’ve been trained to hide the fact that we’ve gone through puberty. Being considered feminine is about remaining a girl – not speaking too low (I’m thinking she meant loud?)  not being too tall, not being too shapely and of course not being too damn hairy.

If that’s true, then that’s really amazingly creepy.

Women are sending themselves to the emergency room on a regular basis with all kinds of nicks and scrapes and infected hoo-ha cuts so they can appear pre-pubescent in order to attract and keep a man. Super, uber creepy.

But I’m not judging… Well, maybe a little.

And we wonder why somebody like Donald Trump can get away with saying the terribly sexist things about women that he does. And why women rights are being eroded. And why sex trafficking is such a booming industry in the U.S.

Betty Friedan is spinning in her grave.

AGMA wants to advise young women everywhere who feel they have to be hoo-ha hairless to attract a male, that, like in the upcoming election, you DO have a choice. If a guy isn’t going to love you because you haven’t risked female circumcision and serious infection to look like you’re 12 to indulge some pedafile fantasy, it’s time to say “Buh bye now.” There are plenty of men out there who want a real, grown-up woman (and all that entails) and not a 12 year old girl.

Or make him a deal. You’ll shave yours if he shaves his. Yeah – that’ll happen.

Here’s the post by Life in the Boomer Lane if you want to read my inspiration for this post.

Possible companion subject…vajazzling?

60 thoughts on “I’ll shave mine if you shave yours

  1. I go as far as shaving the “Thighed Burns” I don’t go any higher because of my ability to be incredibly clumsy. I HAVE ended up at the doctor’s office when I was 19 for giving myself a DIY bikini wax. It was disasterous. I’ll keep the fuzzy entrance to my love cottage thank you very much!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the article, especially from all of the history and build up you provided! I’d say next time try to include health reason specifically to really capture that this hairless era is a simple trend for male pleasure. I say that because you’ll still get some viewers that see this article is opinion based with backstory facts.

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    • Welcome to AGMA! So glad you stopped by!

      I’m not sure what your comment is saying. What I am writing IS opinion backed up by backstory facts! You hit the nail on the head. That’s pretty much AGMA’s MO….

      But I’m curious…what other reason would there be for women to go hairless in such huge numbers? As LITBL said in her post, back it the day, only prostitutes would be hairless and that’s because they had so many partners on a daily basis that they had to be on the lookout for creepy crawly critters. Yuck!

      And X-rated “actresses” so they would look pre-pubescent. Hmmm….that sounds familiar….

      Other than that, there are honestly no heath reasons based on actual medical research to shave your boo-ha.

      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


      • “I’d say next time try to include health reason specifically to really capture that this hairless era is a simple trend for male pleasure.” This doesn’t mean ‘Women should go hairless’ this means I simply thought you should’ve added more health facts (bacteria infections and ingrown hairs). This would’ve really shown that as women this trend isn’t for our best interest but just for trends


      • Oh my – of course it’s a trend! I’m pretty sure that the hundreds of other women I know and I would have taken notice if there were media reports back in the 90’s and 00’s about the health risks of hairy hoo-has. It was all invented by the “we want our women to look pre-pubescent” mafia. But I’d be happy to review any health facts that you might have… AGMA is nothing if not open minded!

        So I’m thinking your concerns really might be better directed toward Mona Chalabi who wrote the article reference. She seems like a serious journalist who is interested in facts. I’m an opinionated blogger who is cool if you disagree with my opinion.

        But honestly, as long as you keep things scrubbed up down there and don’t open “the shop” up for business, you’re not going to have any problems. At least from the hair.

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    • You’re kind of like me – blissfully unaware of the centerfolds in Playboy or the “How to attract a man” articles on the Internet! And yes – hairless cats are not the most attractive, but I’m sure their mothers love them… 🙂


  3. I must say it’s a trend I was unaware of. I knew about bikini waxes, of course, but not the rage to shave everything “down there.” I like your suggestion that if men want hairless women, they should also agree to become hairless in that area. If nothing else, it would certain demonstrate true courage to their girlfriends.

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      • Actually, I did a bit more reading tonight and I learned there was such a thing as “manscaping”. Clever. Do they do it themselves or do they contract the scaping out? I wonder if they realize that it grows back? Oh golly – I have a lot of questions about this that probably will never get answered…

        But I’m gonna say if a guy’s willing to manscape as long as his lady goes for the hairless nether regions, then it sounds like their yin and yang is in balance!

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    • OMG – I’m getting razor burn just thinking about it! Ouch! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable the “growing out” process is!

      Did you do it just to see what would happen or was there another compelling reason? Or am I asking for TMI? 😉


  4. OMG you cracked me up 🙂 We had a whole discussion on this years ago in my office/ department… all females of course and we all got wrote up for bad behavior… Oh Well… had a cousin try that shit once… the bruising I was like WTH did you do… of course a few beverages & a boat ride later the whole story came out….. to bad to repeat ..

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    • A cautionary tale from your cousin! I’m honestly not sure why people think this is a good idea – there can be so many complications. But then again S&M isn’t such a good idea either with it’s potential health/injury repercussions, but it still floats some folks boat!

      Oh my – I would have loved to have been able to listen into your water cooler talk! I bet it was quite entertaining!

      And thanks for letting me know that you cracked up at my post! It’s an awesome compliment! 🙂

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  5. I have to admit, I tried it, a certain someone claimed he didn’t like getting hair in his teeth. I didn’t mind it tickling my nose, but what the heck, try everything once right? I must say it made for a few new sensations, including the feel of hundreds of tiny barbs stabbing at me when the stubble decided to grow in. Now I was faced with a choice, shave again and regularly, or not. A certain someone has gotten used to navigating the silky tresses, especially if he expects me to keep tickling my nose.

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    • I LOVE it when a couple can work out their preferential differences in such a productive way! It’s all about the give and take isn’t it? I mean, it’s not like we’re the only ones who have hair follicles in our intimate areas that can tickle!

      My thoughts, when I first heard about women shaving, was how horrible it must feel growing back in. Talk about your potential for discomfort! Thanks for confirming that it’s not unnoticeable like when your leg or pit hairs grow in (which I regularly do in the winter!)


  6. First time here and came in from Now you see me.
    Well my thoughts on shaving have change over the year. Ages ago when my hubby and I were young we decided to shave each other pubic hairs off.
    In winter I’m quite lazy about shaving. But during the warmer weather I do pick up the slack.
    If you find the time stop on in for a cup of coffee

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    • Welcome to AGAM!! I hope you stop by again – you never know what’s brewing in my gray matter!

      So do you still shave your lady parts (“lady parts’ – don’t you love it – I’m just so old fashioned…) or have you given it up or do you shave them (it?) in the summer and let it all hang out in the winter? I do abandon my legs and pits in the winter – sort of. I NEVER wear skirts or dresses, so I might shave once a month. I love it!

      Thanks so much for reading AGMA and taking the time to comment!

      So where shall we meet for coffee?


  7. So the hairless pussy cat was not a symbol for hairless hohas? Also if men can call their penises penises, dicks and Lord only knows what else (please do not enumerate them for me, I can guess) , then why can’t we say pubic hair, mons, clitoris or whatever we want to? I, having been a nurse, am comfortable calling everything by its anatomical name. It’s all good though.
    As to wiki’s status on truth, I use it all the time instead of an encyclopedia but considering the times of the 60s and 70s, and the pervasive conservative attitudes then, I guess that someone who was very conservative contributed more than facts to Wiki. They let their personal opinions of the facts flavor the articles on feminists. Oh well.
    Loved this fascinating and extremely funny post!! Thank you for the uproarious laughter and strange visions in my dreams tonight. Lol noooooooooooo! Keep up the good work, AGMA!!

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    • Oh Joyful!! So glad my post made you joyful! I can only imagine what visions were in your dreams – tell allI…

      I knew as soon as I read LITBL’s post that I wanted to do a follow-up post in AGMA. I seriously had been thinking of doing a post on pubs (long u) – or lack thereof – for a long time, but just couldn’t figure out how to approach it. She inspired me!

      You know, I find the “innocent” names for our intimate areas much more entertaining than their “real” names. I mean, tallywhacker is so much more fun than penis. And I love the term lady parts. I’m probably a bit Victorian in that sense. But as a nurse, I guess you have to use the “real” name. I can hear it now… “Nurse Joyful, could you please shave the patients nether regions?” Huh? 🙂

      Wikipedia has surprised me several times by it’s lack of knowledge/understanding about certain historical events and “stuff”. They’re things that I experienced and lived through, and they get it wrong. Sometimes very badly. I know that anybody can contribute and I guess that’s the problem. But it makes me wonder about all the history that I was taught in school. Wasn’t that prone to the same misinformation and bias. Hmmmm…. That might make a good post when I’m not feeling lazy!

      Thanks soooooo very much for the wonderful compliment!!


    • You crack me up! I honestly didn’t know what my male readers might think of this one… I think your response is perfect for a mature man. Like me, you just to scratch your head and say “What the heck???”

      I’m so glad that I give you chuckles! And thank you for the lovely compliment. And not thinking I’m too crazy for writing this post! 🙂


    • OMG – that was fascinating!! I’d never heard of this guy or Effie Gray or the movie. I have heard of Emma Thompson. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the movie was that well received, but I might just have to see if I can find it on Netflix! It might have been a really great movie, but the subject matter might have caused the “powers that be” to spurn it! Isn’t spurn a great word?

      Thanks for going to the Google to get the goods! Groan… 🙂


    • Of course you do…. She-she is so much more fun to say that the real anatomical name! I might have to migrate from hop-ha to she-she!

      Thanks for letting me know you belly laughed! That makes me happy. There’s nothing like a good belly laugh to get the positive endorphins surging!


  8. Saw a blog a year or more ago proclaiming two thousand and something to be ‘the year of the bush’.

    I suspect one of the influences for shaving/waxing/sanding is the more openness around the BDSM community, all of whom (the women) seem to depilate, from the pix I’ve seen. Men also do a partial one too.

    I think the pre-pubescent aspect is spooky, but there are practical advantages. And no, I don’t.

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    • Darned – I missed the year of the bush! I hate it when that happens….

      Okay – I am ashamed to admit it, but I had to look up BDSM… The term S&M has been around for a looonnngg time, but the BD was new to me. Thanks for helping me keep up with the sexual fetish trends. I think.

      One term you used sort of stopped me in my tracks. Sanding? All I keep thinking about is when I got to the beach and get sand in the ol’ hop-ha and how tough it is to de-sand. But I’m sure the sanding your talking about is different. I tried Googling it, but I just came up with results around home improvements! So what is sanding in the BDSM world? As I like to say, every day’s a school day!


  9. Pingback: Male culture makes instilling healthy sexuality in our sons more difficult | Cordelia's Mom, Still

  10. Oops, didn’t finish. It is more fun to use funny expressions for uncomfortable words. Thank you for a great laughing session!! What is the word for a word that represents another word. (Besides synonym.) I couldn’t remember it!!


    • Agreed! And I say, it God meant us to be deforested, then we wouldn’t have any hair there! I’m thinking that the discomfort of the growing out process would be enough for them to realize that maybe this isn’t such a great idea. Not to mention the nicks and cuts and ingrown hairs.

      You know, life is hard enough as is without adding more complications!

      And welcome to AGMA and THANK YOU for taking the time to comment! Stop by again – you never know what the subject might be! 🙂

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      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m amazed at how easy it is to make things like these seem ‘natural’ to certain people. Thanks for talking about it, especially the way you did.
        Thanks for replying and I really love your blog.

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