My big fat Lucy and Ethel idea


Did any of you see the movie Joy?  Released in late 2015 and starring Jennifer Lawrence, it tells the semi-true rags to riches story about Joy Mangano.  Essentially, Joy is a creative thinker who’s a cross between an engineer and an inventor.

The movie is set in the late 80‘s, and right out of the chute, she’s shown struggling to emotionally and financially supporting her unbelievably dysfunctional family.  And that struggle pretty much continues throughout the whole movie.  They’re pretty clueless about everything.

In the midst of her family struggles, she invents a “no hands” mop – the Miracle Mop. Then she proceeds to struggle with that whole inventing/patenting/marketing process.

So now she’s struggling  with her family, her finances and her mop.  Get the picture? Struggling…  The movie is filled to the brim with Joy struggling.  Like for 122 of the 124 minutes.

And angst.  OMG, was there angst…  Lots and lots of angst.  Jennifer Lawrence must have needed a few tucks to her forehead after the filming was done because of all of the frowning.

I was exhausted just sitting in the theater watching the movie.

The 86 year old mother of a friend of mine summed it up pretty well. “I just got sick and tired of seeing that damn mop!”

Turns out that Joy was the golden girl of the fledgling QVC and then the Home Shopping Network (HSN), and ultimately made millions.  After the Miracle Mop, she went on to obtain 100 patents on other “must have” products we absolutely couldn’t live without.   She’s the fairy godmother of the “As seen on TV” cult.

Look in your basement – I bet you have some of her crap…eh, I mean, inventions.

Which brings me to AGMA.

AGMA is thinking of becoming a business mogul herself.  I’m thinking that I have a good brain and can advise myself.  Just like Donald “small hands” Trump.   I’m thinking the sky’s the limit.

Within limits.

Unfortunately, I’m not an engineer or an inventor or a innovative thinker.  At all.  Just like Mr. Small Hands.

I remember reading an article in The Wall Street Journal around 1980 about a company that was going to produce wireless, portable telephones to use a new localized “cellular” communication technology allowing phone calls from virtually anywhere.  I sniffed, “Who would ever be interested in that?”

Duh…just like every person on the planet, AGMA.  Epic out-of-the-box-thinking fail.

And I’m cautious.  I’m not generally an early adopter.  I learned my lesson after buying that Sony Betamax video player back in the mid-80’s.  Shrewd move.

But now I waited the requisite twenty years to make sure it wasn’t a flash in the pan.  I’ve done my YouTube tutorial viewing.  I’ve done my thrift shop bargain hunting.  And I’ve opened my PayPal account.

I am ready to take the business mogul plunge even though my nickname in massage school was “Man Hands”.

And now for the big announcement.. (drum roll)

I’m going to start selling crap…eh…treasures on eBay!

I figure there’s nothing like waiting until the market is totally saturated.  There’s something like a million people selling on eBay now.  My timing has always been so spot on…

But I was inspired by a woman I met on our South Africa tour.  She’s been selling on eBay for 16 years.  She sells lots of stuff, but evidently she really sells the snot out of very large bras that she buys in thrift stores.

“Hey”, I thought, “I’ve been buying big bras all my life. And I’m really good at picking good stuff out at thrift stores. I can do that!”

It’ll be Lucy and Ethel in Paris all over again.

So look for my eBay listings for burlap sacks, feed buckets, extra large women’s gloves, a Beta version of Ghostbusters, and gigundo bras.

And possibly a damn mop or two.

P.S.  Happy Easter to those of you who, like me, will be glad Lent is over and I can get all sugared up again!

22 thoughts on “My big fat Lucy and Ethel idea

  1. I don’t get the big bra thing AGMA. Is it a new decorating trend? Are people hanging grapefruits in them in the kitchen and planting them with ferns and philodendrons in the den? Egg baskets for the chicken keepers? Please enlighten me.

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    • Ha! Thanks Ilona for the laugh! I’m partial to the egg basket idea… But I don’t have a clue and neither does my friend. All she knows is that they sell like hotcakes. So when I got home, I went out to our local thrift store and bought all the nice (like they looked like new nice) big bras they had. THEN my friend tells me there’s only certain brands that sell. Hmmmm… But the one bra I have posted out there already has a bid on it with 3 other people “watching” it. Oh my – this is going to be fodder for many future AGMA posts I think! You seriously can’t make this stuff up! 🙂

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  2. That brought a smile to my face as we beat nearly everyone to the store to buy our first (and only) Beta recorder.
    I have my share of TV offerings. Could shoot myself over the water filtering vacuum cleaner and I still have (and like) my rechargeable floor sweeper. 🙂
    I wish you the very best with eBay – I bought and sold for a good while, until I had enough of cheaters and liars and their goods. It got old after a time. Your mileage could be fantastic. Word of advice – know your product inside out and watch your wording of your listings.
    Have a great Sunday – whatever you do!

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    • Thanks much for letting me know about the smiles AND the eBay tips!

      Yes – as I’ve been researching this whole thing, it does appear as if can be quite a few pitfalls… Lots of sellers have like a whole contract at the end of their product description. And some of the product descriptions are so incredibly detailed! That tells me they’ve gotten burned and learned the hard way. Am I right? It’s really not as easy a it might first appear – there’s a lot of stuff to learn about this whole process and the “right” way to do things! Yikes!

      As I told Ilona, I think this could provide quite a bit of material for future AGMA posts. Truth is indeed stranger and more bizarre than stuff you make up! Thanks again!


  3. Thanks for the review on the movie as I had barely heard of it. It seems that most mops still have to be wrung out by hand but then I am old-fashioned. And I am usually far behind on any trends! A late Happy Easter to you! Enjoy your sugar.

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    • I honestly hadn’t heard of Joy, but a friend wanted to go see it. The hotel my friend manages was onscreen briefly in one scene so she wanted to see how it looked! The movie was actually nominated for a Golden Globe as best picture and Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe for it for best actress in a comedy/musical (it was neither which was a bit puzzling to me!). She was also nominated for a best actress Academy Award. They must like angst and frowning at the Academy & GG’s!

      I think I bought one of those Miracle Mops once (or a knock off of it.) I didn’t think it worked very well. To each their own right?

      Thanks for the comment and the lovely Easter greetings CC!


    • Thanks Van!! Happy, happy back at you!

      I told my son at brunch today and he just rolled his eyes… I had to “splain” it to him. My husband just indulges me and doesn’t say much. I guess he’s happy as long as it keeps me busy and out of trouble. Ha! It’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts… 😉

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  4. Happy Easter. I’m on a sugar rush right now from all the chocolate I’ve consumed since I woke up. Joy. First of all, I cannot stand Jennifer Lawrence so the movie was not a particular joy for me. And I must be in the minority because I have nothing of her brand in my home. I shall keep it that way. I do love the Lucy and Ethel ensembles in your photo. That was one of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes. I’ll catch you on ebay darling! XOXOXO!!

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    • XOXOXOXO back at you!

      I had actually never seen Jennifer Lawrence in a movie before. She was okay. As I told Coastal Crone, she won the Golden Globe for best actress and was nominated for a best actress Academy Award. I wasn’t super impressed thought. Again, there was waaayyy too much angst! I thought it was really kind of a mediocre movie.

      I have no idea if I have any or ever have had any of Joy’s stuff. I never watched QVC or HSN – just not my thing. I think I bought a Miracle Mop (or a knock off) once, but I think it was a pain in the butt to use.

      I think the I Love Lucy episodes filmed in Europe are what gave me my wanderlust! They were all soooo funny!

      See you on eBay Catherine! Can I interest you in some movies in Beta? 😉


  5. Hi! I just came over here from George’s blog. So glad I found you. Funny, enlightening, sardonic in a kind way. 🙂 I’d much prefer to watch Lucy and Ethel struggle with ‘life’ via laughs than “Joy’s” struggles with all that angst. Give me laughs, please.
    Oh, and a long-time college friend of mine retired and began the e-bay selling routine. She is doing GREAT and having fun (no angst). Go for it!

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    • Welcome Roughwighting!! I’m so happy you meandered on over from George’s place… Thanks!

      And I TOTALLY agree with you – laughs over angst any day! I though it was ironic that Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe for the best actress in a comedy/musical. Huh? Clearly there is much I don’t understand about Hollywood!

      I’m not sure how great I’ll do with eBay, but I am having a ball migrating from thrift shop to thrift shop! I’m finding that I have a pretty good eye for good stuff at a good price! Yesterday, I found a certain comic book anthology back from 1990 for 71 cents (plus 25% off for senior day!) and saw it on eBay for $35. Yeah – this could be fun and maybe even profitable! 🙂

      Again welcome and thank you for commenting! Please stop by again!

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  6. I don’t know how serious you are, I’m confused and simply not as witty as you.
    However, since my presence on this website is supposed to be that of a book reviewer person thingy, I must recommend you read #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. It’ll be an afternoon well spent if you’re looking for motivation on the EBay front.

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    • Hi Forkin’! I am serious (in my own confused and witty way though…) I have like 10 bags of “treasures” from thrift shop shopping yesterday. It was senior day so I got it all at 25% off! Cha-ching! 🙂

      Now my husband is rolling his eyes. Ha!

      I’ll see if I can track down Girl Boss. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I’m all over motivation and inspiration…



        So this chick Sophia – She started selling on Ebay when she was broke. Except she styled her items, didn’t just slap on pictures. Within a year her Ebay business boomed so much that she needed a bigger place to operate out of and hired help.

        The momentum was so great that within less than a decade, she is the proud owner of — she sells vintage items and now manufactures her own line.

        Truly inspirational; but she didn’t finish college. That I’m not to happy about… irrelevant to you and I.

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  7. I had an eBay store for several years (hence the TexasTrailerParkTrash moniker.) I sold stuff that my daughter and I found at thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales. Our biggest success was the stash of movie theater lobby posters that she scored at the thrift shop after our small town theater closed. They dated from the late 50’s to the late 80’s, maybe early 90’s. The top seller was “Fistful of Dollars” with Clint Eastwood. It went for $75 to someone in Japan.

    Yes, you have to be VERY careful in your descriptions. A buyer can leave you “negative feedback” but with eBay’s rules now, the seller can’t retaliate so your feedback rating can be ruined by one disgruntled person. I stopped selling on eBay for a couple of reasons, that being only one of them. Shipping prices skyrocketed and eBay started charging a lot more to have a storefront. Plus, they upped the percentage they got from every sale. EBay was built on the backs of the people who had stores and now we were getting hosed, so I quit.

    Of course, you don’t have to open a “store” but can just sell by listing items individually like you seem to be doing. Nothing wrong with that, for sure. And I still buy stuff occasionally on eBay. Recently I got a $60 TYR triathlon backpack for $15 from a dentist in New York who’d received it as a freebie when he joined a gym, but had never used it. And, he underestimated the shipping so he ended up paying an extra $5 over what he charged me to ship it. Can’t beat a deal like that!

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    • And isn’t Texas Trailer Park Trash the perfect name for an eBay store?? Brilliant!

      Yes – I’ve heard that, like everything else in life, things ain’t what they used to be at eBay… My friend who got me into this basically says that her picture are her description so people should look really, really closely at her pictures! How’s that for a government answer? Ha!

      I have a feeling this isn’t going to fund my vacation home in Ireland I’ve been wanting, but it is giving me an outlet that I didn’t realize I needed. Does that make sense? And if I make a few bucks in the process, then it’s works. For now.

      So besides bras, I seem to be gravitating to running shoes and china/ceramics. Once I get more than 5 listings a month (seriously???) I’m going to expand into some clothes, but again, I seem to be only leaning towards dresses. Weird where the eye takes you!

      Thanks for the great advice! I feel like I have been sitting at the knee of a East Texas sage…


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