Ink me!


I’m still on my trip to South Africa. I have no idea how it’s going since I’m actually writing this before I leave. But I’m sure I’m having a mahvelous time… Wish you were here!

So Shelly at Destination Now has thrown down a challenge for AGMA. Sort of.

She made this comment to my Of Tramp Tats and Haircut post:  “So, I was reading this on my phone, waiting for my zumba class to begin. I got to this sentence and before I could scroll further, I paused. Slightly in shock, because I thought “my tattoo covered, septal cartilage” was referring to YOU. Well, you did use the pronoun “MY”. If those HAD been your adjectives, I would definitely been convinced that you were taking AGMA very seriously!”

What? Me not taking AGMA seriously?

And I realized that she was right. I’ve been getting fat and happy and lazy. And probably a little stupid. Sure, I ran two marathons in 2015, but what have I done lately to not age gracefully? A few snarky blog posts and that’s about it. Have I pierced anything but my ears? No. Have I dyed my hair purple? No. Have I been arrested for any acts of civil disobedience?  No, no and no.


I need to start living up to the essence of AGMA.

Since I got the edgy cut, maybe now it’s time I got the ink. I’ve actually been thinking of getting a tattoo since I was in my late forties. I though I’d get one when I turned fifty.


Then I swore, “For my 60th!” That was two years ago. Nada.

As to the elusive what, early in the fantasy tattoo world of my mind,  I fancied getting a little flower on my ankle.  Seriously?  ZZzzzzz…

When I was in my fifties, and still all hot and bothered in my love affair with Ireland, I felt partial some sort of Celtic knot. *sigh*  So overdone. So yesterday.

Being the bat*hit crazy cycling fanatic that I am, of late I’ve toyed with the idea of the Tour de France logo. But that might be a bit cheeky since I can’t actually ride a bike.

What to do? What to do?

Then I had a brilliant idea. I’ll let one of you decide. Yup. One of you will be responsible for probably one of the biggest mistakes I’ll ever make.

Excited?  I know I am.

What kind of ink should I get and where? Just remember, gravity is taking it’s toll on certain parts of my body. Actually, quite a few parts. And, I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.

I know some of your are pretty sick puppies. I can’t wait!

I’m ready.  Hit me with your best shot!

31 thoughts on “Ink me!

  1. Another blogger I follow picked his first tattoo very carefully. He wanted it to mean something since it would be with him for the rest of his life. I love what he chose: the EKG readout of his wife’s heartbeat. (cue the sappy music)

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  2. I watch an ‘Ink’ show and the artists were groaning about having to ink on ‘Old’ skin. It didn’t sound like it would be fun or productive. If I were so inclined, think I would go for an out of the way spot first, just to see how bad it felt and reacted. If you have a good session – go for a good, more visible one. JMHO

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  3. Oh my. Yes, I am letting my “bad girl out” but I really don’t like pain. And I do worry if doing a tattoo more “in the moment” would be a regret in the next moment. So it’s not on my list right now. But it sounds like you’ve been on the possible path for a while. Unfortunately my advice would be make it “tasteful”! Does that fit with “MA”? Perhaps that’s the key for placement however. Doesn’t the more “fatty areas” have less pain? Will we get a pic, no matter where it is?

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    • If there’s less pain in fatty areas then I’ve got LOTS of options! And of course it will be tasteful… Even though it will be in discrete area, it’s like what your mom said about clean underwear – if you’re in an accident, you never know who will be looking at your underwear (or tat as the case may be!)

      And I’m not a fan of pain either, but I look at it like childbirth – you forget the pain when you see the end result. 😉 Okay – maybe it’s not quite like that, but surely a small one can’t be that painful right? I’m hoping.

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  4. My husband says if it were he, he’d have “Do not resuscitate” put on his chest.

    Oops. Did I really say that? Sorry! I’m not a fan of tattoos. I’ve seen too many of them morph into a dark blue amorphous blob on older skin like mine. And I recently read an article about how much laser tattoo removal costs for the folks who have second thoughts. Yikes.

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    • Love your husband’s idea, but I was hoping for something a bit more, oh I don’t know….artistic. But I’ll put it on the list. Maybe.

      I have a few friends who got tattoos when they turned 50 and they’re now in their 60s. I’ll have to check with them to see how they look. I’m thinking that ankles don’t get too saggy right? But that could be sort of painful – not much fat down there. Or you just build the “aging factor” into the design so that it makes the drooping look like it was supposed to look at way. A friend of mine got a big one on her upper arm that really looks good now, but once she get’s that arm waddle, I don’t think it will look so good…


  5. Oh my, this post sent me searching on the Internet and is the subject of a post I will publish tomorrow. It’s becoming very trendy among elder adults to have a tattoo, who knew. Thanks for an interesting post. I like learning.

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  6. Well I learned something from reading the comments–older skin doesn’t tattoo well. WTH? But I love the idea! Maybe there’s a geriatric tattoo parlor for such things? HEH. Being somewhat political and pretty snarkey, I was going to suggest “Trump This– 2016” on your butt cheek, but unless you’re into the clothing optional stuff, who would see it? I don’t even have pierced ears anymore I’m such a wooz, so with older skin being problematic, I would probably pass. Actually, I know I would! Hope you’re having a jolly good time in SA.

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    • We did have a jolly time, thanks!! Got home last night and of course, one of the first things on my list was to answer AGMA comments. Of course… Now all I have to do is stay awake!

      Yeah – the whole thing with older skin was a surprise to me as well. I guess it makes sense, but I don’t see that as being too much of an obstacle. I think you just have to take that into account as part of the planning process. Get it in an area that is the least troublesome (as far as old skin goes) and have a design that will droop successfully! Ha!

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  7. I have ink… I’m getting more ink… the only advice I can give you is to really think about what you want before you get it… talk to an artist tell them what you like and let them draw something. I have angel wings on my left shoulder with my dads race team # 19D in between the wings. ( I know cliché right ) but I thought for 2 years after my dad died before I got it. My next one is going on the back of neck right now I’m thinking a compass ( true north) with my kids initials. or I do have a drawing of my kids initials that were made into a Celtic knot… I’m not sure about the skin but if you want it go for it, it is for you.

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    • I LOVE the idea of the kid initials Celtic knot!! I’m thinking it will probably have something to do with my kids since being a mom was the absolute best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks for the fab idea!

      Sorry about your fathers passing. What did he race? I can’t guess from the 19D…


      • glad you like the idea, its probably the one I’m going to go with also. just find you a good artist to make the stencil. He raced dirt modifieds you mostly see them on the east coast. He also had a part ownership on a grand national car (nascar) now I think its call the busch series. not the big boys, he only did that for a year maybe 2. He loved the dirt track cars… now at my house we race motocross and horses lol. we’re team 55 here

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    • It was lovely!! We really did cover a lot of ground in the nearly 2 weeks we were gone and I’m pooped, but it was totally worth it. And the people of SA were so lovely and gracious and welcoming – they couldn’t do enough for us. Such a refreshing change from the bruskness of the U.S. And the scenery was spectacular.

      But it was a loooonnnnnggg travel day yesterday (and part of the day before) and I woke up at 2:30 AM this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep and I’m fighting to stay awake. But sooooo worth it! I think a short nap is in order this afternoon.

      Oh – and I had a dream that a rhino was chasing my cats!

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  8. Instead of pain and drooping tats, (no offense intended, lol), why not use a temporary tat stamp. That way you can be wild and crazy, change your tat or its placement depending on your mood, color of clothes, or occasion you are attending. I like this idea so much, I may have to try it myself!!

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  9. Oh no. Look what I started! I’ll confess, I’ve done temporary tattoos a couple of times…one was a Maori design on my upper arm when I was in New Zealand, and another was a beautiful butterfly that I got from a vending machine in Italy right above my left boob, high enough so it showed when I wore a camisole. I don’t know why, but when I leave the lower 48, I just go wild and crazy with my body art.

    I’m voting for a “tramp stamp”, so that when you do down dog in your yoga class and your shirt slides up, you give your class mates something to meditate on. But then again, in yoga class most have their eyes closed, so maybe I need to rethink that.

    a temp tat gives you a chance to test drive it and make sure you are not relieved when it washes away.

    As you probably guessed, I’m way behind on my reading and I’m thoroughly enjoying catching up. (Reading backwards).

    Thanks for the shout out!

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    • And somehow I missed your comment Shelley! And THANKS for getting things started! I am loving turning the ideas over in my mind. I still haven’t come up with anything. It seems that those who have ink are so passionate about what they choose… I honestly don’t feel all that passionate about anything. I was just thinking about a pretty design, but it sounds as if you have to have a serious commitment/deep meaning to what you get. You know AGMA – I’m about as deep as a frying pan!

      I LOVE it that you go crazy when you travel. Oh dear – I wish I had gotten a Maori tattoo when we were in New Zealand. I just love watching the All Blacks do their haka! Every now and then I YouTube it.

      And drat…I’ve never seen a temp tat vending machine. Clearly I don’t frequent the same places you do when I’m in Italy. 😉 That’s a compliment to you by the way.

      About catching up…I normally have a designated blog “day” when I write my post and try to get caught up on my reading, but it makes for a hectic day. And I miss a lot. This week I’ve had a chance to get on a bit more often and I’ve loved keeping relatively current. But next week could be a whole different story!

      Again, thanks for getting me started! I need to do more research on “old skin”. And I need to figure out if I want to go totally superficial and just go for a pretty picture or if I want to try to plumb unplumbed depths for something more meaningful. Oh my….


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