Moveable feast, here I come


I really wanted to write about making Thanksgiving dinner this past Saturday.  This was unusual because the “official” Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. is not until November 26th.  It was made even more unusual because I prepared the entire meal by myself.   Alone.  Yikes!

Unusual and, of course, amusing as only AGMA cooking adventures can be.

But I’m having a hard time.  I can’t seem to muster up any funny words. My heart continues to be heavy for the people of Paris.

Adventures with the undercooked turkey will have to wait.

Many, many words have been written since evil took flight against innocents in Paris last week.  People far more intelligent and gifted have eloquently written about the events of this real life, nightmarish Friday the 13th.  I can add no new insights or analysis.

My response is totally from the heart and gut.

I love Paris.  I really can’t explain why.  Or maybe I can try.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the City of Lights five times in my life.  Five times, I’ve been thoroughly enchanted.

One of my favorite movies is Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.  It totally captures the magical nature of this amazing city.  I really want to hang out with Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Cole Porter…  I want to be part of the great Moveable Feast that was/is Paris.

The last time I went to Paris, I sat on the steps that Owen Wilson sat on when he got picked up by the limo at midnight.  I waited for about an hour.  Nothing.  Crap.

But that’s what Paris does to you.  It makes you believe that anything is possible and totally captivates your heart.

Granted, some Parisians can be brusk to non-French speakers.  But I just flutter my eyelashes and say in my very broken French, “Parlez-vous anglais?”  And when they say “No”, I turn on the big Bambi doe eyes and say “Un petit peu?” at which point they shrug and say “A lee-ttle”.  They then proceed to speak in flawless English.  And become very friendly.

Gotta love Paris.

The people, the food, the history, the wine, the gardens, the beauty… a lifestyle of joy and the celebration of living.

The French have been allies of the U.S. since the beginning of the U.S.  They are our oldest friends as a nation and fought along side us in our bid for independence.  And many of our finest young men are laid to rest in French cemetaries in Normandy.  There is a deep, deep connection between us.  A blood bond if you will.

I mean, they gave us the freaking Statue of Liberty for Pete’s sake…  That’s like the best BFF gift ever.

So I mourn for Paris, and our French brothers and sisters as only family can mourn.  And based on our experience here in the U.S. with 9/11, I know that they will never quite be the same.

But they will endure.  And not only endure, but I have a feeling they will not let this evil fundamentally change their love and zest for life.  It may even deepen and get more intense.

Gotta love the French.

And I do.  So in less than three weeks, I’ll once again be in my mostest favoritest city in the world.

Paris – AGMA’s coming and she can’t wait!

Some of my friends and family think I’m out of my mind.  Perhaps, but I wouldn’t dream of changing my plans out of fear or concern for personal safety.  If I do that, the bad guys win.  In my own small way, I can’t, I won’t, let them win.  I think being a tourist in Paris right now is an act of defiance in the face of those who seek to destroy and who know nothing of joy and love and light.

Reality check…  Okay – so with terrorists still floating back and forth across boarders, I won’t deny that there is risk.  The experts say there will be more attacks.  But I think we risk even more if we cower in fear.

AGMA’s getting crusty in her old age.

So I’m getting ready to eat and drink in cafe’s, go to museums, do some running in the Tuileries, and visit the beautiful Christmas Markets.  And show my French “family” that this diminutive American AGMA has their back.

Viva la France!

36 thoughts on “Moveable feast, here I come

  1. Good for you AGMA, go to Paris and enjoy it again!
    I do feel though that you are underestimating the French People and the Parisians, they won’t let this change them.
    No it’s not their 9/11, remember that they once had a little Corporal push his army right across their country; then had to watch him strut up and down the Champs Élysée. Did that change them? Not a jot, they just carried on with their way of life and fought on at the same time!
    I’ve just booked my next motorbike trip. Where am I going? France of course, might see you there for a Pastis or Kir!
    Have a great trip mon ami.

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    • I have a friend in Picardie tell me it was their 9/11… I’m confused. But then that’s a pretty natural state for me! I think what makes this different from Hitler is that, for the most part, you knew who the enemy was back then. It wasn’t difficult for the Allies to recognize the Nazi’s. In 2015, it’s a whole different ball of wax.

      And I would LOVE to have a Pastis or Kir with you Dookes! Any time… 🙂 And I sure wish I spoke French like you!

      Thanks for you good travel wishes! I’m really looking forward to it!


  2. The events in Paris are tragic and beyond belief. My heart goes out to that city and its people.
    I’ll admit that I never thought of visiting Paris, but three years ago we took our oldest grandson to see it. Now I wonder why I ever resisted. I loved my time there and hope to visit there again.

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

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    • I’m going girl!! And I plan on polling the Germans (first stop) and the Parisians as to what they think of our candidates for President! You know – I just said that off the cuff, but what an interesting idea for a post when I get back. Hmmmm….


    • Thanks so much! I am indeed fortunate! My first visit was a loooonnnnggg time ago (1976), but the rest have been since 2002.

      Midnight in Paris is on my to ten list! And I love Something’s Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson – it’s funny and it ends up in Paris.


  3. That is outstanding AGMA. I hope you have the time of your life and I know it will be a special trip even though you have been there before. Kiss a lovely french man for me, even if you just blow it at a random great looking man. If I hadn’t just blown the budget on my first trip to Europe, I might be planning an April in Paris thing myself. Best Wishes to the French people. I’m sure they are as lovely as the Italians, who have some great looking men too. Aren’t we just getting naughty in our old age…lol.

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  4. Here’s to wishing you a safe trip and enjoyable stay in Paris. A friend went to Paris yesterday for the weekend and said what happened last week will not deter her from a trip that she had so looked forward to. Bon voyage!

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    • Yeah for your friend! I hope she had a great visit! I understand that security is understandably very high and that you get searched everywhere you go which is fine with me!

      Thanks so much for you good wishes!! I bringing my new tiny Chromebook so I’m hoping to do at least one post while I’m gone. Thanks again!


  5. Hi AGMA!

    I was thrilled to read your piece on Paris. Being French speaking Canadian, of course I feel for my “cousins”. That is how the French name the French Canadians, as we were, centuries ago, related.

    I was shocked beyond belief when I saw the news on tv. It did feel like 9/11. The “Fuck!” feeling again. But, as you mentioned, the Parisians have ingrained in their DNA make up the revolt against the oppressor, whether it is called Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon, Hitler or, now, the gutless islamist. They will survive and, most importantly, they will fight for democracy and their right to be free. It will take more than attacks against Charlie Hebdo and their way of life for them to surrender.

    So, I envy your trip to the free Paris, to the defiant Paris! Have a “demi” or a “ballon” for me and cheers “Vive la République!”

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  6. I felt exactly the same after 9/11. My husband and I spent a weekend in NYC right after the attacks. We wanted to help the cab drivers, hotel employees, restaurants and theaters by spending money there.
    I take that “land of the free and home of the brave’ seriously. Also ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’. We have the words–good for you for acting on them.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful time–and post pictures, please.

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