The love of my life


In the movie Field of Dreams, James Earl Jones, playing the character of author Terrance Mann, gives an impassioned speech about baseball.

He tells Kevin Costner’s character, Ray Kinsella, “The one constant through all the years Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good, and that could be again. Oh people will come, Ray. People will most definitely come.”

Click here to see his speech in it’s entirety.  Get your hankie out if you’re a baseball fan.

That speech has been stuck in my head since I first watched the movie. The speech of someone who connects the present with the past and the future with one common, unifying thread. The speech of somebody truly passionate about something they’ve intensely loved since childhood. Something that’s brought them comfort through the bad times and joy in the good times. Something that is inherently good and unchanging.

But baseball? Hardly. I’m thinking that he was really talking about that foundational pillar of American society…

The chocolate chip cookie.

Think about it. Fill in “chocolate chip cookie” for “baseball” in the speech and it makes perfect sense. Way more sense than baseball.

Bake it and they will come.

As a young girl, my mother didn’t attempt to teach me how to cook. She did, however, let me make chocolate chip cookies. And so it started…

Through all the seasons of my life, my constant has been the chocolate chip cookie. Through all the uncertainty of life’s twists and turns, the chocolate chip cookie was always there to help bring calm and reassurance to my life. Though the good times, it was a celebratory focal point.

When I went into labor with both of my children, the first thing my husband did was to make a batch of slice and bake chocolate chip cookies to bring to the hospital. Seriously. I ate them after each baby was born when I was famished. It was sweet balm for the tired, but jubilant soul!

But don’t hate me for this – AGMA’s actually a dough person.

About 70% of the ccc’s I’ve eaten have been in the form of raw cookie dough. Which technically isn’t a “cookie” but I don’t want to get too caught up in details… If you’re a dough person, you understand. If you aren’t, then there’s no way I can explain throwing caution to the wind about consuming raw egg and answering this siren call of the naked, unbaked ccc.

It’s fascinating to note how access to the chocolate chip cookie has changed through the years. Back in the day when AGAM was growing up, you either had to bake them yourself (if you had any left over after the dough binge…) or you bought the rock hard, baked by elves, flavorless ones in the grocery store cookie section.  Yuck.

Then, in the 1970’s, the Pillsbury Company turned the chocolate chip cookie world on it’s head. They came out with the slice and bake chocolate cookie “log”. Revolutionary! Suddenly everybody had access to freshly baked, soft ccc’s (or ready made, hard as a rock ccc dough.) It was like Woodstock, but way better.

Peace, love and chocolate chip cookies.

To attest to the enduring popularity and societal importance of the chocolate chip cookie, cookie stores in malls became all the rage in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. But the cookies always tasted meh and were too expensive. Not good ccc karma. AGMA’s glad that fad is dying out.

But we’ve truly come a long way baby. Take a look at the refrigerated cookie section in your local grocery store now. It’s freakin’ mind boggling. All kinds of cookies in all kinds convenient forms – from the traditional slice and bake to “pre-chunked” cookie packages.

I know this because I was just there on Sunday. Buying some pre-chunked ones. I had the post-football beer drinking munchies. A few of them actually made it into the oven.

To clarify, the pre-made dough is fine in pinch if you’ve just had bad news or are desperate for the nearly narcotic calming effects of ccc’s. Or suddenly get a fit of the munchies. Or are having a baby.

But at heart, I’m really a purist. My favorite is made from scratch, gooey, soft chocolate chip cookies. And dough.  No nuts or other additives allowed. Just sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt, baking soda, vanilla and quality bittersweet chocolate chips or chunks.

A balm for the soul and the fabric that hold us all together as a society.

The chocolate chip cookie.  The love of my life.

“It reminds us of all that once was good, and that could be again.”

41 thoughts on “The love of my life

  1. You know, I’ve never been able to buy chocolate chip cookies at a baseball game. Do you think the team owners are on to the fact that a ccc is better a baseball game? Maybe that’s why they don’t have them in the ballpark. After all, you wouldn’t want all your fans to realize that a simple cookie is better that siting in the hot sun, drinking overpriced beer and eat stale hot dogs, now would you…

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  2. The only thing pre-packaged cookie dough is good for is eating it uncooked when you are on a pity-party binge. Yes. True dat. That commercially made raw cookie dough has just the slightest nuance of chemicals and goes so well with a nice glass of milk and salty tears!

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    • Yum – chocolate, chemicals, milk and salt! A match made in heaven… My tummy is rumbling!

      I’ve certainly done my share of pity parties with ccc’s. Nothing says “I’m miserable” than a trip to Kroger to buy one of the extra large rolls of cookie dough!

      I knew you’d understand.


  3. I get it. Totally. The aroma of fresh baked ccc’s…smells like home to me. My mother made batches of them for Christmas and hid them away in huge Charles Chip cans so we wouldn’t eat them all at once. Still my favorite to eat, and bake. ☺🍪 🍪🍪☺

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  4. You said it Sister! CCC and honestly anything chocolaty works for me. But when I eat out at my favorite restaurants, I am amused that the ones I frequent most are the ones with the most awesome, big chunks of chocolate chips cookies.
    Yes, I too am a cookie dough fiend. I have mostly cooked oatmeal, sugar and peanut butter cookies and those were mostly cooked at Christmas.
    But now, thanks to you, I am about to go out and sample the ccc doughs available in the nearest store. Any particular ones you find to be the best? I will hold off on my trip until I see your advice. Gee, maybe I won’t have to eat out anymore to get those chocolaty morsels that send me emotionally heavenward! lol.

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    • Oh gosh – I hope you didn’t wait for me Joyful…. You know how unreliable the timing of my replies are right? I always reply, but I’m sometimes not punctual at all! Like now. 😦

      For future reference, I like the big dough logs rather than the pre-chuncked cookies. Better value. AND, if I can find them, I like the dough with the chocolate CHUNKS in them rather than chips. I’ve gotten the “healthy” kind with chips (is this an oxymoron?) at Whole Paycheck and they are pretty darned good (less of the chemical overtones), but expensive. But honestly, when I’m desperate, any kind will do.

      And just an FYI, if the earth is in the direct patch of a massive meteor, Costco has huge TUBS of ccc dough.

      Like you, I don’t limit my dough consumption to ccc’s. The only time I make other cookies is at the holidays and I ALWAYS nibble on the dough as I roll it or spoon it out!

      And I love any kind of batter too, but that’s a whole other blog post! 🙂

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  5. Hello:
    Loved your post on the COOKIES! I understand them being comforting and warming when you’re tired or had a bad day.
    With my mother, it wasn’t a cookie – it was a CUP OF TEA. Tea changed everything, was good for what ailed you, made you stop crying. One of her other remedies was “go throw some cold water on your face.” With hot tea and cold water on your face, you could solve any problem. Worked pretty good!

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    • Thanks so much for your comment and the compliment and great “low calorie” alternative suggestions! Reminds me of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where the father always used Windex to fix things! Ha!

      A friend of mine’s mother was an English war bride and my friend learned well from her. She ALWAYS has a cup of tea to calm or celebrate or think. And like her mom was, she’s very, very picky about her tea. Was/is your mother picky about her tea?


  6. Although I am European and therefore not accustomed to ccc at all, I actually agree on three facts here: ccc’s in the speech fit better than baseball, cookie dough is often better than the baked outcome and the smell of baking anything sweet does conjure memories of childhood and hopes for a great future….

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    • Awesome!! Baseball is such an American thing, but the sweet baking thing crosses all national and cultural boundaries! I knew I was right about replacing baseball with chocolate chip cookie in that speech. We can make it even more generic and it can apply anywhere in the world!

      So what specific sweet conjures up those memories for you?


    • Thanks! I only speak truth….

      And I echo the licking the beater thing! Pretty much licking anything sweet off the beater was one of my favorite things to do. Oh my – that line taken out of context could be a bit misleading and suggestive…

      No AA first class, but my hub and I stayed at a hotel in Charleston, SC that put out warm ccc’s and milt at 9 PM. I was in heaven…!

      I’ve only ever flown 1st class once in my life. It was an international flight and didn’t turn out so well. I might have to blog about it – another one of those “only in the world of AGMA” posts and should be sort of funny! Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Wow. I hadn’t thought about it before but you’re absolutely right about every single word in this post. It brought me back to the end of one the worst days of my life, when I lay unsleeping in my bed until finally going downstairs to the kitchen and finding a roll of cookie dough in the fridge. Chocolate chip cookies didn’t fix everything, but it was a damn good start.

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    • I know right? I had a major epiphany as I was each some ccc chunks a few weeks ago about how have always been there for me when nothing and nobody else was. And then I thought of the Field of Dreams speech. And then I realized that I had to blog about it. A very logical AGMA chain of events!

      And you’re right – they don’t fix everything, but they certainly comfort and take the edge off!


  8. When I was a pre-teener my BFF and I used to make chocolate chip cookies at her house all the time. Most of the dough was eaten way before we had a chance to get it into the oven. She also taught me how to make fried baloney sandwiches. Damn. Now I need some chocolate. I know! I have some chocolate chip Eggo waffles in the freezer. They’re pretty good topped with Cool Whip. See ya—–>>>

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    • Not just “a” good cookie… But THE good cookie! 🙂 And the James Earl Jones thing is just an example of the “unusual” associations my mind tends to make. I used to think that everybody’s mind worked like mine, but not so much anymore. My twisted thought process can cause my husband great confusion at times. But it’s good. Keeps him on his toes!


    • So you two have a very symbiotic relationship regarding your ccc consumption – excellent! It’s funny, I’m very picky about how many chocolate chips or chunks are in the dough (or a cookie) when I eat it. Too many and all you taste is chocolate and not the buttery cookie. Too few and it just tastes like a butter cookie with no chocolate. I’m like Goldie Locks – I want my ccc dough and cookies “just right”!


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