Guess who’s coming to dinner?


…and breakfast and lunch and spending the night?

It’s AGMA!

Sorry about posting late this week – I’ve been in Richmond, Virginia all week doing what I love to do. Second to blogging that is…

I’m watching cycling! The UCI Road World Cycling Championships to be precise. It’s pretty awesome and I’m as giddy as a NRA lobbyist in Texas.

Don’t cringe. I promised no more bat*hit crazy cycling posts. Until next year…

When I first checked last December (yes – I said last December), hotel rates in downtown Richmond were sky high. Most were already sold out. Looks like I’m not the only bat*hit crazy one.

Just sayin’.

So, to be able to afford to be in the middle of things for nine nights during this world famous international cycing event, I decided to clear the cobwebs out and think like a Millennial.

I Airb&b’ed it.

Right now, I’m in my own large, fully stocked and furnished one bedroom flat that I booked way back in December. It’s a half block off the Road Race course, three blocks away from another part of the course, and a little over a mile from the finish line. Nice.

Even better, it’s less than $100 a night. Sweet.

This past June, a conundrum evolved. I decided to go to Richmond three days earlier than planned, but my Airb&b place was booked for those extra nights. And all of the other available “Entire Place” category offerings were ridiculously expensive. I guess they figured out this was a pretty big deal for their city. Duh.

Airb&b has three categories for their offerings – Entire Place, Private Room & Shared Room.

Seriously? A shared room? Even in my not-aging-gracefully open mind, can I imagine a scenario in which a shared room would EVER be an option. So that category was out.

I could do a private room, right? It’s like being a house guest, right? But to complete strangers. Who could be gun toting weirdos or self-proclaimed vampires or worse….

Donald Trump supporters.

I shuddered.

But I figured the people offering the room were taking a bigger risk than me. A way bigger risk. They had no idea who or what was going to walk through their door.

My search turned up a charming room in a home in a great location (still in the middle of things), and the hosts had good reviews from former guests. Perfect.

And it was less than $60 a night. Sweet again.

Happily, it turned out that they weren’t gun toting weirdos (that I could see) or self-proclaimed vampires (at least they didn’t sleep all day and go out at night). Or Donald Trump supporters. You can pretty much pick up on that cray cray radar after about two minutes.

Most of the time, I felt like they got the short end of the straw. I creaked across their old wooden floors three times a night to use the bathroom, used copious amounts of their toilet paper and forced them to listen to my amusing (in my mind) stories about my most interesting and fascinating life. And cycling. ZZZzzz…

But they were delightfully charming about all of it and even chuckled at my stories. They even gave me a lovely guest review. Tear.

After AGMA though, I wonder if they’ll continue to do AirB&B? I wonder if they’re willing to take the risk of getting another AGMA? I guess I could have been worse than just normal AGMA weird.

So now I’m thinking…

We have a room in our house with it’s own bathroom. We’re in a great area of Atlanta and on a bus line. Maybe we could make a few extra buck taking in lodgers. I can be charming and chuckle at boring stories. I can buy toilet paper at Costco. And our floors don‘t creak.

I’m picturing the sign now:  Ma AGMA’s Rooming House. No guns, vampires or Donald Trump supporters allowed

Does that violate some kind of equal access or ADA law?

I sure hope not.

22 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming to dinner?

  1. I cringe at the very idea of inviting strangers into my home, even if I could use the money. It’s bad enough when my grown kids want to come stay for a night or two, for whatever reason.

    Nor would I be very comfortable in someone else’s home, even if it was someone I knew.

    And neither of those attitudes is because of fear or prejudice – I’m not antisocial, and I don’t need anyone seeing me in my PJs.

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    • Ha! I wear a comfy t-shirt and gym shorts or yoga pants as PJ’s when I’m in a situation where somebody could possibly see me. Only jammies at home where I know nobody will see the mismatched top and bottoms!

      I think I could have people come stay with us if they are like me… I left both place spotless and gave my hosts Prosecco and a 12 pack of local Atlanta beer! I wonder if I can write that into the airb&b description? “Must provide the host a lovely gift of wine and beer” 🙂

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    • It really was great! The shared room was a tiny bit awkward since I shared the bathroom with the hosts, but they were so nice and their home so well located, it all worked out! My flat I had the last 6 nights was fabulous. In the middle of the action, but very quiet and HUGE with really mellow energy! Not at all like staying in hotel. I would def do it again in a heartbeat!

      Both hosts gave me good reviews (whew!) so that bodes well for getting good hosts to take me in in the future! 2017 Worlds in Norway – think I might try it again there! (2016 is in Qatar – I don’t think so…)


  2. Durn! I live in RVA, the river city….could have given you some great pointers in the direction of good food, hangouts, beer, wine, whatever floats your boat.

    Will be volunteering in the press room this Sunday.

    Will keep you in mind if I am ever in the Atlanta area…don’t worry, not a vampire, I don’t own a gun and absolutely, positively not a Trump supporter.

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    • OMG – I had such a great time in Richmond!! I’m soooo sad that it’s over! But between volunteering and watching the cycling and walking from Libby Hill to the Convention Center several times a day, I’m pretty pooped! But Sunday on Libby Hill will be something I will NEVER forget… Actually, I don’t think anybody who was there will ever forget it. And my man won! SAGAN! He’s just so cool…

      But I need to get back to Richmond soon. Didn’t get a chance to be a “tourist” and I think there is a whole lot to see there… And eat and drink! Loved what I saw of the city!

      You have pre-qualified yourself – you are welcome to come and stay with me here in Atlanta if you make you’re way down here! 🙂

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    • I’ve done a ton of bed and breakfasts in the past, but the AirB&B thing is a bit different… These people aren’t set up as a “regular” b&b with dedicated guest rooms and bathrooms and sitting areas. I shared a bathroom, kitchen and living room with my first set of hosts. And I took over my 2nd host’s apartment with all of her stuff in the closets and her food in the fridge and personal items all over. It’s a much more intimate experience with your hosts. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but it worked out well for me!

      And no snarky comments about my beloved cycling… It was truly an amazing experience and ranks right up there with my wedding, the birth of my children and grandson, getting Freshly Pressed on WordPress and going to the 2013 Tour de France. Just as the people who were at Woodstock nod at each other in recognition of shared a common, once in lifetime experience, so those of us who were on Libby Hill on Sunday will do. I am still in the post-Richmond2015 glow. Even the guy who writes for the Wall Street Journal understands:

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    • I know right? They were so very sweet! But I have a way with stories that make them relatively short and funny so that it delays the eye glazing…

      I relied a lot on the review of the hosts that people write in selecting where I stayed. And it’s not like Yelp where anybody can write a review – Airb&b will only let people who have stayed with the hosts write a review. I didn’t consider anyplace that had no reviews or who had just joined Airb&b. It really was a great experience and I was right in the middle of all of the wonderful cycling action.

      Actually, one of the best things about going to an event like this is that you are around people who share your passion and their eyes DON’T glaze over! I found my tribe! 🙂


    • Oh my gosh! What an honor – thank you so very much!

      I loved reading your answers and LOVED that you identify with Luna Lovegood! I have to say she might even be my favorite character in the series. Wasn’t Evanna Lynch perfect for that role in the movies?

      I need to be honest with you – I’m really bad at these award things… It seems to be all I can do to write my one post for the week and answer the comments. But if I don’t do a post for the Starlight Blogger Award, it’s not because I am not incredibly flattered and humbled by your nomination, because I am. I think the highest praise one blogger can give to another is an award nomination! I’m just frazzled by trying to keep up with my one post a week and the rest of my life… So it’s totally me not being a good time manager.

      Thank you so much again! You have no idea how much your nominating me means! 🙂 🙂


    • I think they might get their heads out of their behinds and see how all of us in the real world lives! Brilliant idea!

      I just made an Airb&b reservation for 3 nights in Paris in December so I’m taking it international! Hope you don’t hear about me on the news… 🙂

      And thanks for the compliment!

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