Still batsh*t crazy after all these years

Okay – I’m free-handing this.  Normally I type my posts into Pages and edit the crap out of them before I post.

Not today.

Today, I’m a woman of few words.  Today, I’m honoring the start (this past Saturday) of the GREATEST SPORTING EVENT EVER in the history of the world.  Today, I’m reposting a series of posts (one at a time) from last year.   I’m not reposting because I’m lazy (maybe a little), but because I pretty much said it all last year and, as of Saturday, it’s seriously begging to be said again.

Join me.  Be part of AGMA’s strange and unlikely passion.  I need a cigarette…  Again.

Batsh*t Crazy (originally published on 7/7/2014)


Some people love professional football (American or the other kind), basketball, hockey and/or baseball.  Translation… love = go batsh*t crazy for.  They plunge into a deep and wide valley of depression when the season is over.  The Internet provides a critical, possibly life saving service to these diehard (translation… diehard = batsh*t crazy) fans.  They‘re able to connect with other like-minded (translation… like-minded = batsh*t crazy) fans via email, message boards and social media.  They can immerse themselves into an alternate reality, like a 14 year old with World of Warcraft, that appears to decrease the anxiety of the wait until the start of new season.  My husband is one of these types.  I’m thankful.  It keeps him off the streets.

Some people live for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and the chance to relieve Warren Buffett of (say it like Dr. Evil) “one billion dollars” with their bracket selections. This year I got ten correct picks out of a possible sixty three.  Banner year for me.

Some people have been in a state of ultimate bliss since the World Cup started on June 12th.  The “every four year” type of event allows for forty seven months of depression and hysteria-building.  That’s pretty special.

I watched the USA vs. Belgium match last week at a very crowded, hot, stinky bar.  I’m on the wagon, was at least 15 years older than the next oldest person there, had to stand up the entire game crammed up against a very large sweaty man who was drunk, and the USA lost.  It pretty much sucked for me.  I did win $36 in an idiot proof random pool though.  That notched me up to being okay with it all…

Add Wimbledon (OMG) into the mix and some people out there have been chain smoking since Sunday they’re so positively orgasmic.

But honestly, none of the above can even remotely compare to the greatest sporting event in the entire universe which started last Saturday.  I see heads nodding out there in total agreement…

The Tour de France! Ta da!

(cue cricket sounds…)

No really – it is!  Everyday for three weeks in July, I’m glued to the TV set for 5 to 6 hours starting at 6:30 AM or so to be able to watch it live.  It’s way better when you watch it live.   Except for the commercials.   You get really tired of the same seven commercials after three weeks.

Of course I DVR the entire thing as well.  You never know when you might need to revisit a particularly interesting section of cobbles that caused three cyclists to brake their collar bones.  Or see moronic, idiotic fans get mowed down again while trying to take selfies in the middle of the road with their backs to 200 charging cyclists.  It’s all great fun!

My son’s to blame. He became interested in cycling as a hobby during the late 2000’s and was smitten. Instead of a daughter-in-law, I have three-bikes-in-law – road, time trial and mountain.  And two grandkittens.  I think that’s going to be it from him.

He started watching the Tour de France right before he took up cycling.  It inspired him.  I started watching it with him for a little “mother-son” bonding time.  But it all seemed a bit silly – grown men riding bikes trying to beat each other to Paris over three weeks. It would have taken them a lot less time to get there if they had taken a direct route, but they went all over kingdom come to finally end up in Paris.  What was up with that?  I did, however, love the breathtaking scenery on many of the stages and those fit young men in their little biking shorts.  Hey – I’m old, not dead!  Aging gracefully my ass…

Over the course of the next two years, I learned the real skinny about professional cycling.  The Tour de France (and other similar cycling races) is an athletic symphony blending world class talent, strength, skill, courage, daring, strategy, dedication and intelligence in the perfect song of sport.  I’m not biased.  Really.

Expect to hear more from me on this in the next three weeks.

Cycling = Best. Sport. Ever.

Yeah – I’m batsh*t crazy.

9 thoughts on “Still batsh*t crazy after all these years

    • I didn’t start watching it until post-Lance (and all the others…) so I’m still a bit starry-eyed. They honestly test the hell out of the riders now so it’s much more difficult to dope than it used to be. And most of the riders who were in the doping riding culture of the past have retired or been kicked out. Not that it still doesn’t exist in some pockets but it’s not the norm at all like it once was. I would say that, right now, it’s no worse than any other sport as far as using banned substances.

      Try watching it again. There’s a whole new crop of young riders and it’s a much more level playing field. It’s really exciting to watch! But of course I would say that wouldn’t I??


  1. Ah AGMA, you truely are a woman of great discerning taste!
    Le Tour, “Le Grand Boucle,” one of the (many) loves of my life. Like you, my summer will be spent in a darkened room watching the efforts of the greats and dreaming of my Heroes of the past!
    Enjoy the next three weeks and I’ll see you on Le Champs Élysée!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Especially since you just got back from France!! You’re all Francophiled up! I can taste those croissants now…

      If you want to cheat and not wait for the other two posts, you can go back in my archives (is that the right word?) and read them. I was thinking of writing new posts this year, but I honestly couldn’t say it any better than I did in 2014! I’m still coming down off the high of actually being there in 2013 for the 100th edition!

      Did you go to the Grand Depart last year since it was in England??


      • Vous pouvez prendre le garçon hors de France, mais vous ne pouvez pas prendre la France hors le garçon!
        No, I didn’t go to see the start in Yorkshire last year. I’m a bit funny about the race starting in countries other than France, to me The Tour only is “Le Tour” once it gets into France!
        That aside, big grins all round today, Froome took “Le Maillot Jaune!” 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • And I think you’ll be only one out there waiting for those other posts… I understand and expect the crickets. Cycling is so much more popular in the UK – you have no idea how lonely it is being a cycling fan here in the U.S.! You are just bursting to talk to somebody about Tony Martin’s superhuman win for the yellow jersey on Stage 4 and nobody knows what you’re talking about. I have some FB friends I went to the Tour with me 2 years ago that I gush to, so I’m not totally repressed! Ha!

        The Tour starting in other countries is good for the sport even though it’s not “pure”… I’m waiting for a U.S. Grand Depart. 🙂

        And I love it when you talk French to me!


    • No worries – I get it. Like I said, I expect the crickets. Quite frankly, I’m a little shocked at just how into it I get. Especially since I never learned how to ride a bike! I brought all of my toiletries downstairs today so I could get ready and still watch the Tour (no TV’s upstairs.) I really need to invest the $$ for laptop access to watch it…. I

      I’m going to post the other two posts this week rather than “torture” AGMA followers with drawing them out over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be back to my normal abnormality next week!

      Thanks for hanging with me and for your non-comment comment! 🙂


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