Little Orphan AGMA


While I was on my trip to Ireland, my blogging “mentor” closed down his blog.  Just like that.  Poof, goodbye.


I was stunned when I read his last entry dated April 10th.  He was going out cold turkey and shutting his blog down that day. Unfortunately, that was the day I flew back to the U.S.  I didn’t have internet access for most of the day.  By the time I read his last entry several days later, he was gone.  No more Doobster.

Mindful Digressions is sleeping with the fishes.

I feel like an orphan.

Literally, he was like my 1st or 2nd follower.  It’s a mystery to me as to how he found my fledgling blog in the first place.  Lucky accident.

He encouraged me in those early months of blogging.  Heck, it was encouraging to me that he would just read and like my posts and comment sometimes!  You know how it is when you’re just a kid starting out…

He started blogging on another blog site several years ago.  Then he switched to WordPress in late 2013.  He got Freshly Pressed and never looked back.  When he shut down, I think he had something like 4500 followers.

4500 orphans.

He was a prolific blogger.  Prolific.  Like a pair of rabbits in solitary confinement.  He posted daily.  Some days, he posted several times.  And he replied to comments.  And he read other blogs.  And he made comments on them.  Oh yes, and still worked full time. And had a wife (they were separated) and adult children.

After 15 months of all that, I think he just plum burned out.

His last post said about his blogging “…it’s taken its toll on other facets of my life that require my undivided attention. So I am going to […]” and it stopped.  Just stopped.  If you tried to click for more, you get a message that it’s a private blog that requires a log in.

I’m totally blindsided by how hard this has hit me.  Surprised that I am still looking for his latest post.  I miss him liking my posts and making his (mostly) humorous comments. And I miss his weird ADHD obsession with his WordPress stats.  Once he wrote a post about losing a follower from the day before.  Who keeps track of that stuff?  He did…

I became a better blogger by reading his blog, seeing how it was structured and observing how he interacted with his followers.  And he’s probably the reason I didn’t quit after a few months.

So in case you decide to visit WordPress incognito and revisit some of your old followers…

I miss you Doobster.  WordPress just isn’t quite the same without you.  I hope you get things sorted out and can come back to us someday.

Until then, I’ll be down on the street corner selling apples for a nickel.

23 thoughts on “Little Orphan AGMA

  1. I think we all miss Doobster. I keep hoping that once he’s straightened out whatever issues made him close up shop, he’ll return. Or that if he’s not ready or able to reopen his blog, he’ll at least come back to reading and commenting on ours. Only time will tell.

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    • I wish you could, but there’s nothing there! I didn’t read all of his posts because he posted SO MUCH… And I didn’t read his fiction and his rants about religion. Neither was my cup of tea. But I loved his “musings” and quite often he made me laugh out loud.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! If I find out he does ever come back, I’ll be sure to blog about it!

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  2. Hmmm, that’s too bad. I wonder why he didn’t just stop posting and leave it open for his “kids” to read when they wanted? I suppose he didn’t want any of his devoted followers trying to talk him out of it, and having to explain, etc. It does sound like it took an extraordinary amount of time for him to do all of that. I haven’t had time to post anything in a couple of weeks, and I have only four people who comment on my posts. That doesn’t take a great amount of time to follow up with responses, but 4500?? Wowza! I know that’s followers, but he must have had a LOT of commenters, too. I hope he changes his mind, so you won’t feel like Apple Annie. 🙂

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    • You’re right – he had a lot of comments… Yeah – I was truly shocked he just dropped of the face of the blogging earth. I’m not sure how you can immerse yourself so totally in something and then just walk away cold turkey. But it probably was kind of a relief for him on one level. I hadn’t been keeping up with his posts on my trip, but there was nothing before I left to indicate he was going to close up shop. In my fantasies, I’m hoping that he and his wife reconciled. She sounded like a simply lovely lady! But then again I always hope for the fairy tale ending, Sigh… 🙂

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    • You are so sweet! No – not going anywhere. But then I only post once a week (normally) and never get caught up with the blogs I follow or comment too much on other blogs so I can hardly be accused of spending too much time on WP! 😉 But I do always respond to folks who are so kind to leave comments on AGMA which is a delight for me (although I’m not always as timely as I should be…) At one point I was afraid of running out of “stuff” to write about, but life is just soooo “stranger than truth” – there’s always going to crazy stuff to write about!

      Thanks for joining me in missing Doobster! I wonder if The Opinionated Man (whom I don’t follow), wrote anything about Mindful Digressions vanishing?


  3. Huh, I hadn’t had a chance to read his final post, so I just thought he was just taking a break because he’d shipped his new laptop back to have a couple of keys repaired. (A couple little lights wouldn’t turn off when they were supposed to; something that seemed kind of minor to me, but to him it was a big deal, apparently.) That’s too bad, but maybe he’ll go through blogging withdrawals and rejoin us at some point.

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    • I actually think I found you on his blog. Just LOVED your name and had to see what you were up to!

      He was/is pretty “unique” (translate to anal)l wasn’t he? But that was part of the charm for me… He corrected my grammar on like my first or second post. But I think he saw I was a hopeless case so gave up on me! Ha!

      I’m going to be returning to my old stomping grounds in Texas in a few weeks! Going to visit TCU with and old college friend after not visiting Ft. Worth for like 37 years. I think it’s probably changed! Bracing myself for re-entering…

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  4. I too miss my morning dose of Doobster. I never understood how he could keep up with all his blogging duties, as well as a job. Maybe that was the problem. He must have had no other life that didn’t involve sitting at a computer. But, thankfully, we still have each other.

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    • …and THAT is a great comfort to me!

      I’m in total agreement with you about not figuring out how he had the time to do all the stuff that he did! Between his job and blogging activities and just normal life stuff – food shopping, cooking, eating, laundry – I imagine there wasn’t much time for interpersonal relationships or exercise or just goofing off!

      I hope he is rediscovering his family and going out for long walks in San Fran and enjoying life not being glued to a computer!


    • Thanks so much! And congrats for diving into the blogging pool! I’m really not the mentoring type like Doobster, but I’ll try to check your blog out this week. I just think every blog is so highly personal – it’s hard to critique somebody else’s writing.

      Thanks for stopping by AGMA and commenting! (Oh yes – first bit of advice – always answer comments and realize that people could be doing a kazillion other things rather than reading and commenting on your blog! A grateful heart goes a long way…) 🙂

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