All hail High King AGMA


Hot diggty dog… I’m home!

It was wonderful trip to Ireland.  But then again, I think you’d have to really try hard not to have a wonderful trip to Ireland.  Just sayin’…

And miracle of miracles, the weather the last six days of my stay was spectacularicious! Blue skies, sunshine, mild temps… The kind of weather that you always dream about when visiting Ireland but know you’ll never, ever get.  Ever.

Pinch me.

The kind of weather that sends the “Visit Ireland” photographers frantically running around the country as fast as they can go to take breathtaking photos of a stunning land of azure skies, white sheep in emerald green pastures, dramatic ocean cliffs, ancient ruins and bright sunshine before the normal weather returns.  And it always does return.

Rain, mist, wind, coolish temps.  That’s the norm.  But in my seven trips to Ireland, I’ve learned the weather is just secondary to the “Irish experience”.  Yes – I said seven trips.

Don’t judge me.

On this trip, I stayed with a lovely Irish family in County Waterford for nearly a week.   I mean, after that many visits, AGMA’s managed to make a friend or two.  Clearly their character judgement is suspect…

This was an eye-opening experience.  Just like you never know a friend until you travel with them (trust me, I have personal experience with this… ), you never really know a country until you’ve lived in a home with a family for a week.

I’m very jealous of my Irish friends.  Because they’re Irish.

There are 4.6 million people living in Ireland.  And there are over 35 million people around the world who can claim Irish heritage.  Despite their prolific reproductive abilities, I am not one of them.

I hate that.

Thanks (or no thanks) to my husband who’s into genealogy research, I was in my 40’s when I found out that my Irish great great grandfather was actually German.  Crap.  It was a sad day when I had to put away my “Kiss Me I’m Irish Button”.  I blame my husband every St. Patrick’s day when I feel like a sham and a wannabe wearing my green “Guinness Is Good For You” shirt.

It’s just all so humiliating…

However I feel strongly that I may have been Celtic Irish chieftain in a past life. Possibly a High King.  I’ve absolutely nothing to base that on other than I feel I have to come up with some explanation as to why I keep going back to Ireland.  The “I love to drink fresh Guinness” excuse is getting pretty thin.  Being Túathal Máelgarb in a former life just makes so much more sense.

So stay tuned for AGMA’s Irish travel blog post, “How I lived with an Irish family for a week and they survived” in a few days.

‘Cause it ain’t easy having a crazy AGMA living with you.

So happy to be back on WordPress!

20 thoughts on “All hail High King AGMA

  1. Oh AGMA – how I’ve missed your posts 🙂 and how JEALOUS I am that you have been to Ireland – not once – or twice – but SEVEN times!!!! It is my #1 vacation dream to go there, and I will someday!!! When I do, I will be contacting you for the best advice for my experience. CANNOT wait for your travel post. I hear everyone is a friend in Ireland. Sounds like my kinda place! Welcome home! And I am only Irish by “injection” (oh is that too crude to write?!!) – my hubby is 1/2 Irish. I am none. LOL!

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    • Absolutely – I’d be happy to give you some Ireland advice! I keep thinking that the Visit Ireland folks should hire me, but so far no luck! The people are, for the most part, incredibly friendly. I had no hesitation traveling there alone, because I knew I would always have somebody to talk to (and I did!)

      I could think of another word for “injection”, but WordPress might kick me out… My DIL is 1/2 Irish which means my grandson is 1/4 Irish which I’m going to claim! I’m good old Pittsburgh Ukrainian and German with just a tiny dash of English (Cornwall) thrown in. There’s no hope for me! 🙂

      Thanks for missing me (golly gosh…) and for the lovely welcome home! I need to get onto Life in Between to see all the yummy stuff I’ve missed!


  2. Welcome back. I can’t wait to hear how it went, other than spectacular weather (which you must have dropped over us when you returned since our weather has finally turned for the better) and see those awesome photos I’m sure you took.

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    • OMG…the pressure’s on to post some picts isn’t it? I’m a TERRIBLE photographer, even digitally. Back in the day when all we had was film, I would have to throw half of the pictures I took away! I’ll pick a few of my faves and maybe do a separate post. It should be short… 🙂

      Thanks for the welcome back! My bed felt real good last night (horrible grammar I know…) There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home!


      • Lol, don’t worry about pix, I’m horrible at remembering to 1. take the darned camera and 2. take the pics when I do remember!
        I be your bed felt fantastic! As did your own TP, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.
        I’ve heard stories, lol.

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  3. You should do the DNA test from if you haven’t already. You just might find some surprises there like I did. Found out my Norwegian great-grandparents were genetically Finnish/Western Russian and that I’m 18% Irish but haven’t located those ancestors in my “paper trail” just yet. The DNA test takes in both maternal and paternal lines, going back almost a thousand years. And it costs under a $100–can’t beat a deal like that!


    • Thanks for the suggestion, but my husband is an obsessed amateur genealogist… I’ve done the spit test several times (different tests through different companies) I think he’s spent about $1000 on DNA tests for my family and his. And everything always turns out the same for me. 😦 Almost all Eastern and Central European and just a smudge Celtic through Cornwall. It is cool though… Mr. AGMA has found out he’s a bit Heinz 57 – a little bit of everything in Europe! He’s looking a retiring in the next couple of years and I’ve suggested he pursue the genealogy thing – he’s really good at it! OMG anything to get him out of the house! 🙂

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  4. I can’t wait to read your travel tales!!! I have always wanted to go to Ireland, but probably never will, so I will see it through your lovely and talented writings!! much love to you and I’m glad you are back !! Michelle

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    • Thanks Michelle for the welcome and the lovely compliment! I’m glad to be home – most of the time. 🙂

      But I hope you can get to Ireland some day… It’s such an amazing country with such warm, friendly people! You would love it! Until you get there, you can get on the internet and check out some of the beautiful scenery!


  5. I want to go there so badly. My friend, whose daughter is an Irish dance phenom, is going there this fall (?) or next year, I can’t remember, and wants me to go with them to a feis (festival). I was all set to go with them to Scotland last year, when life gobsmacked me in the face, and I had to cancel. Maybe this time.

    My 39-yr-old son has been researching family history since he was 14. He loves it, and has actually been to Salt Lake City to research at the Mormon facility. I am such a German, with a little English thrown in for good measure.

    Can’t wait to hear about the trip!


    • Oh…I hope your trip works out this time! You’ll have a smashing time!

      You’re son sounds like my husband. Both bitten by the Genealogy Bug! My hub has been to the archives in DC and countless county courthouses in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. And he has file box after file box of “stuff”. It was okay as long as we had a basement, but now it’s just a pain… Don’t tell him I said that! 🙂

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  6. Nice post. The last time my wife and I were in Ireland was on September 11, 2001. We were at the end of a marvelous cruise around the North Sea, and departed from Dublin airport. Alas, it took a while to get home, but we had a very interesting 4 day visit in Gander, Newfoundland.


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