Yippy dogs and bad moods


I’m in a bad mood today.  I know, right?

We live in a townhouse.  This means that there are many people smooshed into many connected homes on a small plot of land.  We’re all just one big happy family.


We’re in a middle unit of a row of six so we have neighbors on both sides.  Lucky us. This could have been a disaster. Fortunately, and not due to any due diligence on our part in discovering this before we moved in, the town homes were very well built. There are thick firewalls between units. This is not only good if there is a fire, but it also provides some pretty amazing soundproofing.

Our neighbors on one side have two little kids and a big dog.  “Oh crap!” I thought to myself when we first met them.  But we never hear them.  Ever.

We’ve only seen our neighbor on the other side once in the nearly three years we’ve lived there.  He obviously likes to keep a low profile.  And we never hear him either.  But that’s what I would expect from a man whose weekly trash consists of a little grocery store plastic bag tied at the top.  I’m ashamed every week when I wheel out our overflowing trash can.

But despite the amazing soundproofing, there are still challenges to living in a group situation in our modern “I want what I want when I want it” culture.  People who don’t notice that their roof gutter is now resting on their garage.  People who park in a guest spot (a paltry 2 per 6 homes) because they use their garage for storage.  Finding a drunk neighbor passed out in your driveway.  Yeah – okay – I guess that could happen anywhere…

The worst is the pets.  Dogs specifically.

Don’t get me wrong – I love dogs.  I had a sweet little pup growing up.  And we had a totally wonderful Corgi when our kids were growing up.  The Queen and I still miss him.

Honestly, I’ve never lived in a neighborhood with so many dogs.  So many.  And not just little dogs but big dogs as well.  Dogs galore.  I feel like I’m in the middle of a Disney movie and they’re all going to eat spaghetti together soon.

We’re actually the odd ones because we don’t have a dog.  We own cats.  But that’s another post…

Our covenants say that, when you take your dog out, it should be on a leash.   And you should pick up after it/them.  Yeah sure.

The renters in the end unit let their big dogs out to run free and leave little bundles of sweet smelling delight all over the grass at the end of the street.  Other dog owners won’t walk their dogs down there because of the dog poop . Kind of funny in a twisted, ironic way way.

I think the HOA has given up trying to get the owner to get his renters to pick-up the poop.   He just gets charged for annual sod replacement.

But the bane of my existence are three little yippy dogs two units down in the other end unit.  The dogs didn’t get yippy until they added the third one last year.  The doggy James Dean.  Seriously bad influence on the other two.

When the weather is nice, the owners put the dogs out on their deck.  And that’s when it starts.  Not constant yipping, but explosive, intermittent yipping like machine gun fire.  At all hours of the day and night.  Like last night.

Bad mood.

They started about 3:30 AM and it just kept up in spurts all morning.  I’m on a diet.  I’m recovering from a running injury. I’ve had several bad hair days in a row.  And I missed Dancing with the Stars last night

For the love of all that’s holy, I need my sleep!

‘Round about 5:30 AM, I was starting to have some pretty disturbing thoughts about those three little dogs.  I know there are no bad dogs, just bad owners, but try telling that to a sleep deprived, cranky AGMA.

The Bad Owners will try to walk the triumvirate of yippy dogs without leashes.  The dogs go ballistic.  Out of control; running everywhere.  Like Andy Dufresne after he busts out of Shawshank Prison.  They like to run into people’s garages.  And jump on other dogs that are on leashes.  And run after cars, and dart in and out of the wheels. One of them started nipping at my heels when I was finishing up a run.  The owner tries to call them back, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them look over their haunches, smile, and give her the finger.  Or the paw.  And sniff their butts.

After last night, I’m toying with the idea of not watching as closely or driving so slowly down the street when they are doing their Born Free routine.  I know that’s awful.  I feel awful just having these thoughts.  And writing them down.  And planning what I’ll say to the Bad Owners afterwards.  Really, I feel bad when I kill a bug in my house – I try to capture it and put it outside.  Except ants. They have no business in my house.

But a girl’s gotta sleep.

So Bad Owners…please put your yipsters in tonight. I’m sure they’d rather be snuggling at your feet than out on the deck where there’s a bunch of creepy, weird sounds.

And I hear there are coyotes in the neighborhood.  I hear they can climb on decks for their appetizers.  Yip, yip….(silence)

So disturbing…

24 thoughts on “Yippy dogs and bad moods

  1. So rude. I just don’t understand it – do they think people enjoy listening to their dogs barking…or do they think we can’t hear it. Honestly it makes me crazy. I have a huge dog and luckily she isn’t a barker. Hope you get some sleep tonight.


  2. We have a long-haired Chihuahua and I’m so paranoid about being a good dog owner that I pick up his Tootsie Roll-sized poop after him when we’re at the park. Then, I turn around and almost go knee-deep into a steaming pile of what looks like Great Dane poop. People. Go figure…


    • Now that’s interesting… There does seem to be two distinctive, polar opposite groups of dog owners. Those who are fastidious about cleaning up after their Rovers to the point of scrubbing the grass the dodo fell on, and those who don’t give a crap (or rather won’t pick up the crap) and could care less. That could be a doctoral thesis!

      We had a fenced yard so we’d just let our dog out. BUT you would have to go around every so often to clean up otherwise you couldn’t open the back windows to let fresh air in and live.


  3. You should show these dog owners this blog post…oops. There goes your privacy!

    We have a few dogs (I think) in our condo building. I rarely hear them. Thankfully we live just 5 min. walk from a large park with a long pathway. So far, it’s been ok for the past few years of dog owners careful not to poop up the common areas. There are some owners that I see faithfully walking their dog.

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    • Sounds like you have great neighbors and sound walls Jean! Thumbs up for both of those! Most of the folks who live in our neighborhood are very good dog owners and really do a great job of being considerate of the neighborhood. We just live in the “entitlement” building with the lawbreakers! Oh my – I’m sooooo dramatic! 🙂


    • Anymore, it’s not just Wal-Mart shoppers… Some very “enlightened” (said tongue in cheek), well to do, well educated young parents feel it’s not in their children’s best interests to “rein in their spirit” through any sort of discipline in public spaces, so you will find free-range kids most anyplace now a day. More annoying than my yippy dogs!

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  4. I do sympathize! I love most animals, especially cats & dogs, but kind of hate to allow those little yippers into the dog category … but true, most of it depends on responsible owners; the irresponsible ones ruin things for the reasonable, responsible people & pets.
    I currently live out in the country and at the next house down the road from me apparently a dog gets left outside once or twice a week … and barks intermittently the Whole time. According to another neighbor, this has been going on for long time. Initially I felt sorry for the poor dog; now I feel sorry for us who have to listen to it .. any good ideas on sound blockers?


    • I’d say the obvious – ear plugs – but then you don’t want everything else drowned out as well. Not good on many levels. People used to say to let a baby “cry it out” and they would eventually fall asleep. I guess dogs never “bark it out”…

      Maybe we could invent a big, ultra-light, soundproof bubble that fits over a dogs head. We’d have to figure out some way for them to eat and drink and breath – minor problems – but I think it’s doable! We’d be rich beyond our wildest dreams!


  5. As an apartment dweller with a cat, who lives surrounded by dogs, I feel your pain!!! Not only do people let their dogs bark and bark and bark and bark, they don’t clean up after the dog nor do they properly dispose of their own trash in the dumpster area. Housing, whether home or apartment is costly, and I am shocked at how little people care about the state of the environment they live in and share with others… I hope your situation improves, or that you invest in earplugs for the sake of your sleep.

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    • Very well put Chrellie! And thanks for you good wishes. The weather turned just a tiny bit cooler and I haven’t heard them since last week. They must have a “temperature range” they operate in. They’re not out in the summer when it’s hot either. Here’s to more days “out of range”! Ha!


  6. oh my god I can totally relate. I too live in a townhome but with 8 units. I also live in and enter unit accept our walls are extremely thin and I can hear my neighbors all the time. Its bad when someone gets a puppy that whines and cries. As far as poop goes, my poor dog only has a small patch of grass in front of our door to use. Which for me means cleaning up the poop more often so it doesn’t look terrible.

    Never living in a townhome again. Moving back to the country. Lol

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    • Oh no – sorry about all the noise that wafts into your townhouse! That’s annoying. I’m not sure I would be still living here if we had thin walls between the units with two little kids and a BIG dog next door. I think it’s chaos over there but we are blissfully unaware!

      Don’t move too far out into the country where you might not have good internet service and can’t get onto WordPress! That wouldn’t be good… 🙂

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      • Thanks, but yeah it is what it is. My boyfriend and I have been talking about what to do with the townhouse. We are both originally from the countryside here in Minnesota but we can’t move back up North due to the lack of jobs (and internet service 😉 ) so we are just planning on purchasing land within the county we currently live. We are also on the journey of becoming debt free so I don’t see us moving for a min. of 3 years. Even then we have been thinking of renting out our townhome due to the value increasing by $20K since I took the mortgage out on it. I’m sure you will be seeing blog posts about it in the near future!

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      • Sorry for my delay in reply – My computer has been out. Anyway! Thank you for the support. It isn’t going to be an easy process but I plan on doing my research for resources and ways to become debt free as fast as possible, help my credit and achieve my goals.

        I look forward to catch up on reading your blog. I will be posting some things this week due to being out for so long.

        Have a wonderful Earth Day!

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      • I have dearly missed it. Everyday I was like – “ooh I could write about this or that”. It has been hard but no worries now. 😉

        I hope where ever you are that the weather is beautiful. Here in Minnesota it’s Sunny with a temp of about 40 degrees but with a chilly wind. I’m just thankful it’s not snowing!

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    • And the next housing market crash is traced to a mild mannered, lady “of a certain age” who calls herself AGMA who has a hippy dog issue. Wall Street is teetering on the edge of collapse…. I can read the headlines now!

      I like GOL! Going to start using it but with no explanations. It’ll drive people nuts! Thanks Shelley!

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