13 thoughts on “This is a test, this is only a test

      • According to the Urban Dictionary, a thig is a child, often in elementary school or middle school, who attempts to look tough by emulating a “gangsta” through the wearing baggy clothes and letting their underpants show as a result of their sagging pants, but really has no idea why they really dress the way they do. Thigs get their name because they have not yet graduated to the term Thug yet. See what you can learn from typos?

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      • Every day’s a school day is what I always say! I’m sure half my typos might be in the Urban Dictionary… But I was really feeling that Old English thing even though I made it up. I figured I had a 50-50 chance of it being true.

        Don’t you just love the word “gangsta”? It’s got a lot of onomatopoeia going for it.


  1. I like everything except that the header picture is a little too big for the frame. I like seeing the little girl, and I miss her. Everything else looks great!

    I really hate seeing those little “thigs” sauntering around, knowing that, unfortunately, they’re probably going to turn into big “thugs” one day. I weep for them.


    • And if I was more tech literate, I’d be able to figure out how to show her… But I can’t. 😦 You know, you have to go with the flow with the different theme pages – sometime you don’t have any choice. I could have a smaller picture above the title, but my color choice for the background of the rest of the header was robin egg blue and mustard. Ugh. So I opted for the wallpaper look and a BIG ass! I did however, at your prompting, put the picture in the bottom footer so she’s still on the page. You just have to scroll waaayyyy down anytime you have a yearning to visit with her! Thanks for keeping me honest!

      I see a thig themed blog post from Doobster soon… 🙂

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