It was a rough landing


AGMA’s back!

So I got home from Rome last Wednesday.  By the time I went to sleep that night, I had been up for more than 24 hours straight minus about a 15 minute nap on the Rome to London flight.


I tried really, really hard to sleep on the plane from London to Atlanta, but no dice.  I just can’t sleep on those trans-anyoceanic flights.  I hate that.

Back home, you’d think I’d have slept like a rock that first night back in my own little cozy beddy-bye, totally tuckered out from a busy, long day of travel, right?  Nah baby nah.  It took like two hours to fall asleep.

The cumulative effects of too many cappuccinos that past week perhaps?

I awakened rather urgently at 2:30 AM to (how can I put this delicately…) visit the bathroom not only for #1.  I mean, who does THAT in the middle of the night?  Normally, when I get home from one of these trips,  I need to down a couple of boxes of prunes…oh, excuse me…dried plums, to get myself back in action.

And you can’t just stumble into the bathroom in the dark for #2. The lights have to go on and clean-up is infinitely more involved.  OMG TMI.  I was wide awake when I went back to bed.  My husband was sleeping like a baby.

Sometimes I can’t stand that man.

I managed to get back into a fitful sleep at best.  Asleep, awake, asleep, awake…for the next four hours with some very strange dreams sprinkled in.  Something about a friend working in a balcony of St. Peters Basilica overlooking the huge alter canopy by Bernini running sausages and chunks of ham through a vacuum sealer machine to sell for a funder raiser for the Vatican.  I’m glad Freud is dead.

Thursday morning, I had a sore throat.  Great.  Can it get any better? Jet lagged, sleep deprived and now sick.

And less than 48 hours before a 23 mile training run.  Yeah – you heard me.  23 miles.  My very first 23 mile run.  Possibly the timing of my trip could have been a little bit better.

The only thing good about this whole situation was that I didn’t need to go out to buy some prunes…eh…dried plums at all.   Things just kept on moving.  Gotta look at the positives.  Lemonade outta lemons and all that.  Weird, totally inappropriate analogy…

Anyway, I threw everything I had in my homeopathic and herbal cold remedy medicine chest at this nasty little cold virus plus drank gallons of water.  I even neti potted three times a day.


Then I got up at 4:30 AM on Saturday morning, donned my running regalia and met my group (all 5 of us) for our run.  At mile three I was feeling puny and pretty sure I would only last for another six or seven miles.  Miraculously, with the help of my friends, I kept on going.  It’s totally amazing how much more you can accomplish with the encouragement of a group than if you tried to do it by yourself.

And I did it.  Very slowly, but I did it.  And lived to tell the tale.

Most distance runners are actually crazy people who, on the surface, seem like normal people.  See the picture above.  It’s so true.  As I told my friend Jodi over at Life In Between, there’s a diagnosis for me somewhere out there.

I promise my next post will be about my trip.  Rome was wonderful! The history, the art, the churches, the food, the wine, the people – all amazing and astounding.  A thousand plus topics to blog about.

I think I’ll write about Roman toilets and the unnatural lack of toilet seats.


I’m glad to be back!

29 thoughts on “It was a rough landing

  1. Your “awake asleep awake” routine sounds like mine on an average night. Plus I totally get you on the um no. 2 at night thing. I never turn on the light with no. 1, that way I can drift back to sleep as though I was sleepwalking…or something. Welcome back! Congrats on the run and I hope you’re feeling 100% soon!


      • If you come to Jo`burg, you can have yourself a free tour. But yes it will require a lot of saving. Otherwise Copenhagen is another option if you have not been there already. I´ll be going back end of March. I cannot wait to hear about Rome, I have never been there.


      • I might just take you up on that offer! My sister had a time share in Jo’burg (I love that!) for several years and just raved about it. Have been to Copenhagen, but it was almost 40 years ago. Ouch! I really don’t remember much. Rome is just so wonderful – I hope I can write something that will do it justice. Other than my toilet post which will definitely NOT be your typical travel post. 🙂


  2. I am not much of a traveller (my one big trip to New Zealand last year) but I know what you mean about sleep being all over the place….I have the lovely addition of hot flashes lately…honestly – covers on, covers off, hot, cold….makes me crazy…23 miles OMG…at least up here in Canada mine would only be 23 kms…so not as far…but too far for my 53 three year old knees…but you have inspired me to work out today!!! Woo hoo…


    • How was the workout? Oh yeah – the hot flashes… I thought they were supposed to quite once you were post-menopausal. They don’t. 😦 But I’m doing bio-identical HRT so it’s not nearly as bad as it was. It’s a good thing! How did you like New Zealand? We went to Australia and New Zealand last year, but only got to spend 7 night in NZ which did not do it justice! But I was glad to have seen what we did see – it was great!


      • The hot flashes aren’t too bad lately. I was five weeks in New Zealand. This time last year actually until the middle of March. It was quite a cool summer in the South Island but it was lovely scenery. The roads were crazy twisty turns!!! I hated that part of it but once I was up on the north island they were better. My ex husband has family there so my sons, my ex and I all went. We called it the Griswald Family Vacation 2 !! I actually worked out two days in a row. The guys at work told me that the only way to lose stomach fat is to jog. Sure not happy about that!!! Makes me want to eat ten chocolate bars just for revenge!!


      • Hey – we were in NZ at the same time! Except you were there for 4 weeks longer. Lucky… Maybe we bumped into each other and didn’t even know it! I do remember it was quite chilly in Queenstown and snowed in the mountains (and on our Lord of the Rings tour!) I’d love to go back someday and explore a little more (a lot more!)

        Bravo for working out two days in a row! I think I’m going to make you feel better… I haven’t lost much of my tummy fat since I’ve been running. I’ve been eating healthier, but haven’t completely gone over to the kale and nuts and berries crew either. I think if I added some resistance training and core strengthening exercises, it might help. So the moral of the story is that running alone won’t do it (unless you’re like in your 30’s or something crazy like that!) I’m not sure if this is good news or not for you.


      • Basically I just want to be able to EAT – and not just kale and nuts and berries….so I guess I better step it up a notch. I think I better stick to my motto of “balance and compromise”….plus perhaps get used to the fact that my 53 year old body will not look 18 again…boo hoo.


      • Yeah – that’s my problem – I just want to EAT! At 53 I think you have a good shot at, maybe not looking 18, but looking 35. I was pretty svelte up until my late 50’s. Then all hell broke lose. I blame it on full blown menopause. I see so many women my age who are skinny all over except for the tummy and then they look 5 months pregnant. I want to know what’s up with that? It just doesn’t seem fair…


  3. Geez, sounds like so much fun! Hope you’re feeling better this week. Freud would definitely have a field day with that doozy of a dream.

    I maybe could get addicted to running if I could ever get past 1/20th of a mile without gasping as if a giant vortex just sucked all of the air out of the earth’s atmosphere. I admire your dedication and stamina, truly.

    My husband says I’ll never be able to travel to Europe, as he isn’t able to keep me away from home for more than 3 days at a time. I need to work on that.


    • It’s taken me nearly two years to get to this point with my running… I’m not sure if it’s dedication and stamina or that diagnosis I was talking about! Ha! In any case, when you’re in your “mature” years, it’s best to take things slow. Or in my case, very slow! 😉

      From what you’ve told me, I get that you don’t want to be away for more than 3 days! You’re a busy lady! Maybe one day you’ll move into a season of having more time and getting the urge to roam. Or not. What’s that saying…”One person’s trash is another’s treasure”? We all have different things that float our boats and that’s a good thing! It’s what makes the world fascinating!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I very rarely use LOL, but I have to say that I did when I read, “…or if there’s a clown…” A woman after my own heart! I totally agree! If I had a clown chasing me, I’d probably be able to run a marathon in like 3 hours! I HATE clowns – they creep me out. I mean, what’s going on behind all that make-up? What are they hiding? Why do they keep putting their hands in their big, baggy pants? Freaky…

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  4. I also sometimes look at my husband, as he’s sleeping peacefully, snoring his head off and I’m wide awake and can’t sleep at all and think that murder would be totally excused….


    • Some nights he’ll go to bed and say he doesn’t feel the least bit sleepy. Three minutes after the light goes out, he’s snoring like a buzz saw. So now I can’t sleep because of hormones, aging AND the ear splitting noise in the room. Lovely. I’m there with you sister…


  5. I’m so impressed that you were able to run 23 miles! And that’s a “training” run? I can BIKE 23 miles but that’s the only way I’d travel 23 mikes. (Oh yeah, I can DRIVE that distance too…)


    • Yes – that was the “training” run. Normally, the group I run with will do a full 26 mile “training” run before a marathon, but it was a compressed schedule this winter so the 23 miler was the longest. But I really feel if I can do that, what’s 3.1 more miles right? 🙂 I’ll be able to tell you in two weeks… Yikes! And I CAN’T bike 23 miles so you definitely have one up on me in the cycling department!


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