The day before Black Friday formerly known as Thanksgiving


Did anybody notice that Costco had their Christmas stuff out before Halloween?  And the city of Decatur, Georgia’s streets are already festooned with holiday/Christmas decorations.  Fa la la la la…   We haven’t even gotten to double digits in November.  What the hell?

Enough is enough.

I’m not one to pine for the “good old days” because, usually, on closer inspection, they weren’t really all that good…  I mean, I’d never want to go back to the days when I couldn’t immediately look up the history of ketchup on my smart phone while waiting in the Steak N Shake drive thru.  That’s just crazy talk…

But I do long for the days when Thanksgiving was considered a real holiday instead of being relegated as an mere appetizer in the Christmas/holiday frenzied gluttony.  Now, it’s just barely tolerated for the sake of nostalgia and the fact that it’s the day that people use to rest and fuel up to prep for the carnage of Black Friday.

But I remember the days, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when no store would dare to put up a sprig of holly or a wreath until after Thanksgiving.  No self respecting Santa would show his face before THE REAL Santa made his appearance during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  And the “buy a Chatty Cathy” Christmas commercials didn’t start on Saturday mornings until almost December.

You couldn’t go out to do any Christmas/holiday shopping on Thanksgiving Day even if you wanted to because all of the stores were closed.  Up tight.  Doors locked.  Going out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t an option either.  They were all closed too.  So, unless you had a medical emergency that landed you in the hospital with a wishbone lodged in your throat, you were stuck at home or going over the river and through the woods to a relative’s home for Thanksgiving.

But, back in the old days, for some strange reason that will be lost to future generations, people actually wanted to be home with their families.  Huh?  For better or worse.  In sickness and in health.  The good, the bad and ugly.  Even the cousin who picked his nose was okay on Thanksgiving.  Kind of.

My mother and aunts cooked all morning and well into the afternoon preparing the Thanksgiving feast.  The uncles would drink Iron City beer and talk about how the Pirates would do better next season.  Except in 1960 when they won the World Series.  That year they just drank more beer.

Aunt Ann made her cranberry jello mold and Uncle Jim mashed the potatoes and carved the bird.  And Aunt Mildred always made her rockin’ poppy seed roll.  Uncle Johnny and Aunt Sadie yelled at us kids for making too much noise fighting over who got to pull the wishbone.  But even they got a pass on Thanksgiving.

My family was far from perfect.  As a matter of fact, we were downright dysfunctional in a charming Eastern European kind of way.  But on Thanksgiving, the house always smelled and sounded like happiness and love  To a seven year old AGMA, that was a magic all of it’s own.

The good old days.

Heed my warning – Thanksgiving’s in danger.  I think it’s going to go the way of Pluto.  Remember, Pluto got a planet “demotion” in 2006 because it just wasn’t up to snuff?  People think that Thanksgiving’s not really a real holiday because there’s no big money to be made with it as a stand alone holiday.  Because it’s not really a “job creator” holiday and it actually encourages people NOT to work, don’t be surprised if there is “holiday demotion” legislation introduced in 2015 from the Koch Brothers Fan Club (formerly known as Congress.)

Thanks, Obama!

8 thoughts on “The day before Black Friday formerly known as Thanksgiving

  1. “the Carnage of Black Friday” might be my favorite clause of the Season. pun intended. but then again, even a donkey would know that.

    Seriously, loved your post. i could not agree more. Because i remain a Realistic Optimist [of sorts] i will tell you that reportedly, Pluto was newly RE-INSTATED as the planet it damn well is and i am taking that as sincere hope in the future for Turkey Day. for us anyways. It’s still the worst day of the year for Turkeys and their families .


    • Okay, you sent me to my search engine to check up on Pluto… I’m quite excited that Pluto now has it’s own fan club who want to fight to restore it to it’s rightful place in the cosmos! I guess as long as Pluto has a chance, so does Thanksgiving. Glad you enjoyed the post!


  2. I remember those days also. While my daughter is planning out where to go first for the best deals, I will be in my kitchen cooking my old fashioned turkey with whatever family would rather be with me. Love your sense of humor.


    • Thanks Pattyalcala! Once upon a time I used to go out on Black Friday, but that was 20 years ago before things got nuts and people started trampling each other to get in the stores first. And I would never dream of going out now – I live in Georgia – it’s an open carry state! Frenzied, crazed, sleep deprived bargain hunters and guns – dreamy combo…

      Liked by 1 person

    • She passed the poppy seed roll recipe onto her husband (my uncle) who continued to make them PLUS her fabulous nut rolls until his death a few years ago. You got me thinking… I wonder if my cousin might have the recipe? Worth a try right? Are you from the ‘Burgh IreneC?


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