Sweatin’ With An Oldie


It’s July 30th.  I live in Altanta, Georgia.  I’m sitting outside on a shaded patio at my favorite coffee shop.  It’s getting close to noon. It’s 77 degrees with low humidity with bright sunshine.  A slight breeze is blowing and giving me goosebumps.  I’m glad I brought a light cardigan with me.

Does anybody else think this is strange?

For those of you in other countries or Texas, July in Atlanta is normally fairly miserable.  Fairly a nice way to put it.  It actually sucks.  Hot and very humid. The average temp in July is 89°F. That’s 32°C for those of you who, like me, have the “Fahrenheit to Celsius, Foot to Meter, Ounces to Grams Remedial Conversion Syndrome”…

An average monthly temperature is calculated using the high temps for each day of the month.   So each day is usually higher or lower than the average.  Until now, there have been lots more days higher than the average. It’s been hot.  But as the old saying goes…

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

This statement is true.  I lived in Arizona for three years. 105° F with zero humidity isn’t too bad. Sure, you might have to use oven mitts to grab your steering wheel.  Even though your car has a windshield sun blocking screen in it.  And it’s been parked in the shade.  But to the human body, it doesn’t feel as hot as it really is because there isn’t any water vapor in the air.  The lack of humidity helps your sweat evaporate quickly, keeping you cool.  Or cooler.  I feel like Professor Proton…

Add the water vapor and that’s when the stifling misery, the bane of my existence, begins.

Being the sensible, rational person I am – translate that as wimp – my past MO has been to just stay in air conditioning.  I realize I’m very fortunate to be able to pull that off.  Going from an air conditioned house to an air conditioned, garaged car to an air conditioned final destination worked swell.  Hey – I’m one of those “elderly” people they advise stay inside in the AC when it’s hot, remember?  Plus I’m my own heat source because of the big M – menopause.  Some days you just can’t take off enough clothes, you know?

This summer is different.  I started running last year.

I really like running.  I like my running group.  I like running half marathons.  My goal is to run a full marathon soon.  Slowly. Running here is great in the fall, winter and spring.  I asked if I could skip running in the summer.  I got the “stink eye” from my group leader.  Guess not…

So I’ve been running in the heat and humidity.  Outside.  The humidity has been so bad that I start sweating just thinking about going out for a run.  I wring out my visor after every run.  I drip on my cats.  They’re not happy with me.

Speaking of sweat, I’m pretty sure that I’ve set a new record this summer as far as volume goes.  It’s actually been rather alarming – I am not an attractive sweater.  I’m going to contact the Guinness people about getting in their record book.  Or at the very least, try to get a free beer for my troubles.

It’s quite surprising to me that I haven’t keeled over yet.  I do take “sensible” precautions…  Lots of water during the week and on my runs, running in the early morning when it’s infinitesimally cooler and seeking out every leaf and twig for shade even if it means crossing the street multiple times.  But every mile feels like three and about halfway through each run, I start looking at my Garmin every five or ten seconds.  Are we there yet?

I ran this morning in the freakish, but blessed cool of 59°F.  I know the universe playing a cruel trick on me.  This won’t last.  It’s not even August.  Average temp – 88°F.  I’ll be back to wringing out my visor and dripping on my cats sooner than later.  They give me the “stink eye” too…

But as Howlin’ Blind Muddy Slim, Your 60 Minute Jelly-Bellied Toe-Jam Man, always says, “What does not kill you, only makes you stronger.”

So I got that going for me…

7 thoughts on “Sweatin’ With An Oldie

  1. I’m not a runner, although if I were, living in San Francisco is a great place to be one, given that temperatures rarely get much above 70 and humidity is relatively low. But then there are the hills. Oh well.

    In any event, good for you for taking up running and your goal of running a marathon.


    • I thought about San Francisco when I was running this morning… I seemed like SFO summer weather. Believe it or not, Altanta is very hilly, BUT nothing like the hills in San Francisco which, as stated in a previous post, are everywhere! Not sure taking up marathon running in your 60’s is very smart, but hey – I go to bed early and get up early so what do I know…


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