Wah Wah


“I think I’m entering my summer seasonal affective disorder – somewhere between restless, irritable and depressed. I’m always perkier in cool weather.  How about you?”

A good friend shared her summer doldrums with me via email last week.  As I pondered her words, I realized this is exactly what’s happening to me.  I’m in a funk and it’s all summer’s fault!

I love my blog.  It’s a good friend.  If you would have told me a year ago, I would not only have a blog but actually LOVE writing 400+ word essays every week to share with the world, I would have said something rude to you.  Probably.  But in a nice way.

So it’s unusual that for the last month or so, writing my one whole blog post a week has been kind of a chore.  I’ve found myself avoiding it.  Instead of writing this morning when I had a large chunk of free time, I folded laundry.  And put it away.  And unloaded the dishwasher. WTF?  There is something seriously wrong here…

And I usually have several highly amusing – to me at least – ideas for my posts.  I just tend to snicker away as I write.  I’m easily amused.

But lately, every subject that has popped into my head to write about has not been, by it’s nature, amusing.  The lack of will among US politicians to enact reasonable gun control measures, the pain of long term family dysfunction, the ever growing income gap between rich and poor, D-Day and the passing of most of the veterans who survived WWII.

Not that these are not totally worthy subjects to write about.  They are, but should be tackled by somebody more gifted than I.  A serious, thoughtful writer.  Somebody who’s not in a funk.  All I would do is bitch and blubber, moan and complain, and be sad. Seriously Debbie Downer.  Wah wah…

I AM perkier in cooler weather.  As a matter of fact, when people are lying naked in front of their artificial sunlight lamps in the middle of winter trying to get over their cold weather, low sunlight blues, I’m bouncing around like Tigger wishing that it was colder and snowier in Georgia.  Crazy.

Cooler temps keep the little gray cells working and the endorphins high, right?

I mean, look at the 2013 list of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Austria, Iceland and Australia.  Nine out of the ten are pretty damn chilly for a good part of the year.  Australia’s only on the list because they have kangaroos, koalas, flat blacks and tim tams.  Everybody knows that.  Duh…

Now that my friend’s dilemma has enlightened me, at least I get it.  I always think it helps when you “get it.”  Makes you less inclined to think that you are losing it.  Whatever “it” is…  Gives a context to your discontent.

Global warming is not going to go well with me.

8 thoughts on “Wah Wah

  1. Well, it’s gonna be a long, hot summer where you live, so I hope you can quit your whining and get over it! 😉

    By the way, do you think it’s just a coincidence that all of the ten happiest countries in the world that you listed happen to offer free, universal health care to their citizens? Hmm.


    • What do you mean? It’s already been a long hot summer! We went directly from winter to summer with 3 days of spring. Shot me now… And yes, I WOULD like some cheese with my whine!

      Oh – I’m sure it’s a total coincidence… Being healthy and well taken care of can’t lead to happiness can it? 😉


  2. hello from down under, we have flat whites, not blacks !! and its fairly cool in winter down south, but where I’m from its fairly warm to stinking hot although at the moment its fairly cool 😉 weather is bonkers lately ! Anyway i liked your post so i am a new follower 🙂


    • Duh!! I have a mental block about flat whites (which are delicious by the way!) I continually call them flat blacks… It sort of rolls off the tongue. Maybe I like that it’s lyrical?? Anyway, thanks for setting me straight! I’ll probably get it wrong again, but what the heck – I’m a senior adult. By the way, I think Australia has the consistantly best coffee I’ve every had. Well done! Thanks for following me!


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