The Siren Call of “Hot Now”


I ate four doughnuts this morning. Krispy Kreme. More like inhaled them actually. Three glazed and a chocolate frosted cream – not custard – filled. The agony and the ecstasy.

I never heard of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts until fifteen or so years ago when one opened about ten miles from my home in Cincinnati. Evidently it’s been around since 1937 – like George Takei. Oh myyyyyy…

How could I have lived such a shelter life?

Krispy Kreme does not just sell doughnuts.  Oh no….  A visit to Krispy Kreme is an adventure that engages all of the senses.  Every glorious detail of the doughnut birthing process is on display behind a glass wall.  From the moment the dough gets formed into a circle to it’s journey through the fryer to the final glazing bath on the hot finished product, you get to see, hear, and smell it all.  Doughnut Disneyland. Of course the touch and taste part of the experience – the BEST part – comes at the end.  When you buy a dozen hot glazed doughnuts five minutes out of the fryer.  And eat six.  Before you leave the parking lot.  Sometimes before you leave the store.

Krispy Kreme’s Mission as stated on their website is “…to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme.”  Best. Mission. Statement. Ever.

There is a “Hot Now” sign in the window of most Krispy Kreme’s. When it’s blazing neon red, this means that doughnuts are being born. Hot, soft, sweet, yeasty doughnuts.  The kind that make you want to lick your fingers.  Several times.  The “Hot Now” sign of the Krispy Kreme close to my house is, and this is the honest truth, ALWAYS on.  Always.  Who is safe?

A few years ago, I bought a Krispy Kreme “Hot Now” ornament for our Christmas tree.  It’s red.  When you slide the tiny On switch, it flashes.  Hot Now. Hot Now, Hot Now.  This is my favorite Christmas ornament.  Not the 30+ year old Baby’s First Christmas ones for each one of my sons.  Not the one of a kind handmade ceramic Twelve Days of Christmas collectable set from a local potter, now deceased.  Not the ornaments that were on my mother’s Christmas tree some 60+ years ago that are irreplaceable.  Hot Now. Hot Now. Hot Now.

I rarely go to Krispy Kreme anymore.  I think you know why.  It all starts by admitting there is a problem…  But I had a coupon today for $3 off a dozen and it expires in a few days.  No harm in buying a dozen for the guys who are employees of a homeless ministry I volunteer for on Mondays, I reasoned.  I took the slight detour on the way downtown that brought me face to face with the blazing red “Hot Now” sign.  Always on.  Always.

Six glazed, two chocolate frosted cream filled, two chocolate frosted glazed with sprinkles, one raspberry filled and one chocolate frosted custard [yuck] filled.  Twelve doughnuts for six people.  Perfect.  Two doughnuts won’t ruin me, I thought.

When I handed the cashier my $3 coupon she said, “You know, we’re having a special today. Buy a dozen, get a dozen free.”

And that’s when the trouble started.

8 thoughts on “The Siren Call of “Hot Now”

  1. Ha! When I grew up, I used to love those light, airy Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts, but we moved and there were no stores where we lived. About 10 years ago, one opened in Massachusetts, where I lived at the time, but it failed. New Englanders swear by Dunkin’ Donuts and didn’t cotton to those oh-so-delicious Krispy Kremes. And now I live in San Francisco and there are neither Krispy Kremes nor Dunkin’ Donuts to be found. And I’m probably healthier because of it. (Lots of cupcake places, though.)


    • Funny – Krispy Kreme didn’t make it in Cincinnati either. The stores all closed about 10 years ago. Some sort of a Dunkin’ Donuts conspiracy probably… But they LOVE their Krispy Kreme in the South… The donuts are about 40% by weight fryer fat that they soak up so, yes, you are healthier. But I like cupcakes too…


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