I Run Therefore I Am…



I run.  Not fast but far.  13.1 miles, which I think is far.  Real far.  “If you had told me a year ago that I would be….”  You know the rest.   

Not that long ago I was a slug on my couch watching reruns of Real Housewives of _______ (you fill in the blank) in the middle of the day while stuffing my face with bon bons and drinking sugared up sodas.  During the commercials, I could literally watch my muscles becoming mush while the rest of my body slowly ballooned up like Chris Christie on steroids.

Okay – exaggeration.  I hate ANY Real Housewives show, I’m health conscious enough not to drink large amounts of “want some diabetes with that drink?”  beverages, and I don’t really know what a bon bon is.   While still relatively healthy, I was overweight and terribly out of shape.  

My road biking son, who regularly rides 100 miles in the mountains – yeah, he’s one of those, seemed quite alarmed at my enlarging form.  I call it being full figured…  He challenged me to run a half marathon in a year.  A year??  Sure – I can do ANYTHING that’s twelve months away.  Sign me up!

Turns out twelve months is really not all that long…

I do not have a runners body.  I’m short and stocky.  A warthog rather than a gazelle.  And old, relatively.  Probably too old to start this silliness.  But hey, after birthing two sons naturally and unmedicated, raising them to adulthood with zero vehicular moving violations AND being married to the same man for 36 years, training to run a half-marathon would be like SSDD.  Right?  Right.

So, after 7 months of training, I got up at 4 AM Thanksgiving morning, crossed the starting line a little after 7:00 AM and ran my little heart out for 3 hours, 17 minutes and some odd seconds.  I was slow.  Very slow for a runner.  But my son thinks I’m pretty cool now…

Aside from his inspiration, I give much credit to the Galloway Method.   I know – it kinda sounds like a way to prevent pregnancy using cheap wine…  Former Olympian Jeff Galloway evolved a style of running that adds in strategic walk breaks.  The idea is to give your joints, muscles, tendons and all of that other gooey stuff in your body, some R & R.  Fewer injuries, greater endurance, faster times – perfect for an aging Boomer.  The best part is, you do your training runs in a pack.  And I always wanted to be part of a pack.  

One of these days we’re going to take down a wildebeest.


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